LoL Champion Guide: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

Lo L Lillia Top Guide Graphic
How to play Lillia in the top lane?

This champion guide will introduce you to Lillia, but not as you know her in the jungle, but rather in the top lane. Thanks to some changes in LoL Patch 11.14, she not only improved in the jungle, but also in the top lane. She is still being underestimated in the position, even if she can go toe-to-toe with any bruiser.

Thanks to her movement speed and burst potential, Lillia is one of the best counters to bruiser. Did we mention she's also got more than enough damage to shred tanks as well? This makes her extremely flexible in the lane and even in the later stages of the game, she is able to mold her playstyle to fit her teams needs.

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Lillia Build: Runes and Items

Conqueror works perfectly with Lillia since she's able to generate 4 stacks with a single Q – don't forget her passive counts as an ability. This keystone is perfect since she enjoys elongated fights anyway. Boneplating is also important for the lane and in the late game, so she won't die to a single ability right away.

The combination of Riftmaker and Frozen Heart is essential when building Lillia in the top lane. Both items give her value in long fights. The mana from Frozen Heart also means Lillia never has to be in lane with no mana, which is important.

Lillia Guide: Early Game

Lillia's early game, in comparison to other top laners, is rather weak. In the early stages, you'll want to poke with your Q and stay safe. Once you've got a few points into your Q, that's when the fun begins. That's when Lillia becomes too fast for anyone to catch her. Generate Q stacks against minions and then run right at your lane opponent. You'll be able to reach them and chunk them down.

If your opponent has less than 50% HP and you land an E, then it's important to correctly use her abilities to get a kill. Once your E hits, press R and then whip out a Q right away before the enemy is asleep. Once he's asleep, wait for the entire stun duration, so that after the W, you can throw another Q out. This combo deals a ton of damage and most champions lose between 60 and 70% of their HP.

Lillia Guide: Mid- and Late Game

After the laning phase, you'll be a strong duelist as well as team fighter. If the opponent is looking for fights, then group with your team. If that doesn't work, just keep bullying the other top laner. Just make sure to watch out for gap closing abilities, since they'll counter Lillia. Once the opponent used it though, you can engage in any fight without worry.

Lillia Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Lillia likes to play against champions who don't have too much range, but also don't have too many gap closing tools to get close to her. Therefore, champions like Tahm Kench, Sett, Mordekaiser or Renekton are ideal to play against. Even bruisers like Jax, Aatrox and Gwen won't be a problem for top lane Lillia.

Bad lane opponents for Lillia are champions with high burst and mobility. So Camille, Irelia and Darius with Ghost are quite difficult for her to deal with. So don't blind pick Lillia since her counters will make her life hell, especially if you don't receive any help from your jungler.

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