LoL Champion Guide: Tahm Kench, The River King

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Tahm Kench is too strong right now. We'll show you how you can fight him.

This champion guide will show you how you can dominate with Tahm Kench in all phases of the game. You'll be able to abuse his extremely strong laning phase, which has skyrocketed his win rate since LoL Patch 11.14. Alongside Fiora and Camille, he is one of the most sought-after top laners on Summoner's Rift.

His laning phase stands out and makes him one of the best champions on the Rift right now. He is a solid snowball champion who is relevant within any teamfight. So, if you're looking for a new top laner main to climb with, then look no further than the Kench. Thanks to our champion build guide, you'll be able to win any game with Tahm Kench.

Tahm Kench is one of the best duelists as well as tanks in the top lane currently. This combination makes it easy for him to win against any champion. There aren't many counterplay options for opposing players when facing Tahm, which is why it's important to have a clean early game to guarantee a fed Tahm going into the mid and late game. This champion guide by Get Good Coaching will show you just how to achieve this!

Tahm Kench Champion Build Guide

Tahm Kench Build: Rune Builds

Grasp is clearly the best Keystone for Tahm Kench. This rune encourages short trades even in the early game. The damage and the healing depend on his max HP, which is high on Tahm Kench from the get-go. Once you've got an item or two, this stat only gets better with time.

Shield Bash synergizes well with the low cooldown of Tahm's E and can dish out relevant damage when used against large shields as well.

Finally, you should always pick Legend: Alacrity instead of Legend: Tenacity. Why? Well, the attack speed works wonders with Tahm's passive. You can gain stacks for your ultimate in the blink of an eye.

Tahm Kench Guide: Early Game

As we have mentioned above, he has an extremely strong early game, but you'll have to play it right to gain all the advantages. In the first three levels, you should go in for short little trades. So use your Q or grasp auto attacks. Tahm's cooldowns are too long for longer fights.

He starts to shine once you hit level 4-5 – when you've added a few points to his Q. His Q damage grows with every level by 50, which is an extremely large number. Not to mention, his cooldown is lowered as well, which means you can also engage in longer fights. Even if you lose 200 HP and your opponent just 150, you're still safe since Tahm has some insane healing in his kit.

The basic combo in lane is Q (with slow), then W under the opponent. Since he is slowed he won't be able to escape your W and will get knocked up. Then you go all-in with auto attacks and Q.

Tahm Kench Guide: His Ultimate

Once you've hit level 6 and have his ultimate unlocked, you'll be the strongest champion in the game, even if you aren't fed. You'll be able to ult a champion in the middle of the lane and then spit them out under your own tower. This is especially lethal in the early game. Hell, you're even able to win any 1v2 thanks to the ultimate.

If you can get 3 stacks on your passive and your opponent still tries to flash or dash away, you merely have to press Q and R to gobble them up from far away. Since your opponent already tried to escape, they'll have no choice but to accept their fate – death.

Many opponents will know how lethal Tahm Kench is though once he hits level 6, and they'll play a lot safer once you get your ultimate. To gain an advantage, try to freeze the wave as close to your tower as possible. Your opponent won't have any choice but to move up and once they do that, just use Ghost and Q, and you'll get the sure kill as well.

Tahm Kench Guide: Mid and Late Game

Once the laning phase is over, you should have a significant lead. This makes it possible for you to continue to dominate any 1v1. Keep in mind, though, that you're not invincible in all situations anymore. So don't just jump into multiple opponents with your W without backup.

Fights around objectives should be front-to-back. So basically Tahm moves forward to face check any bush and tanks, and all skillshots the opponents send your way.

If there are any enemies brave enough to move forward, just use Q > W to force an engage. One more important thing to keep in mind when playing Tahm, your ultimate can also save your teammates in bad situations!

Tahm Kench Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Tahm Kench has a few difficult matchups, but even those can be beaten in lane. For example, Shen, Volibear, Gwen and Fiora are some harder lane opponents. Shen and Volibear have a strong laning phase against Tahm Kench, while Gwen and Fiora are just stronger in the later stages of the game and can split push a little better.

You'll beat any other champion in the laning phase, though. Especially champions like Garen, Tryndamere or Malphite – who are quite popular in low elo – are easy lane opponents for Tahm Kench. He does more damage, is tankier and therefore in all phases of the game just the better champion.

This Tahm Kench Champion Guide was written by Kamon & Autophil – two Top 500 LoL players worldwide, who also offer coaching. If you're interested, you can find out more about their services here @GetGoodCoaching.

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