LoL Champion Guide: Yone the Unforgotten

Yone Champion Guide Graphic
Shred through your opponents thanks to this guide!

This week we've got a Yone guide for you in our League of Legends Champion Guide Series. Each week, we take a deep dive into all tips and tricks to master a champion. Today, we've got a special treat for you. Get ready to tilt your opponents and make them rage quit with Yasuo's beloved brother Yone.

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Yone will be celebrating his first birthday quite soon and in that single year, he has become one of the most popular champions in League of Legends... and is also one of the most mechanically difficult to play. Thanks to this Yone champion guide, you'll be able to know which keys to press when though to complete all his high skill combos. Don't worry.

Yone Champion Guide: Yone's Playstyle

Yone is a melee champion classified as an assassin, which means that you shouldn't dive head-first into a fight. Keep it cool and wait for the perfect engage. Seriously, you don't want to force a 1v9 and fall behind due to overconfidence. Wait for your team to lower the opponents' health, then steal all their kills and clean up!

Keep in mind that Yone is not an earlygame champion – but if you make an account with MyEarlyGame that might change. All jokes aside, Yone does trade well after level 3, but his waveclear isn't the greatest. You are also missing some ability haste to truly shine early on. But for now, let's look at some Yone mechanics:

Googly Yone
That's the look you've got when you try to escape a gank with his E. (Quelle: UHD Wallpaper)

Yone Champion Guide: Q Knock-up

Yone's Q kind of works like Yasuo's. Okay, let's be real, it's the exact same thing. Crtl+C and Crtl+V. One Q will let you impale your opponent, and you gain a stack. A second time? Same thing, and on the third Q? You'll be able to dash forward and shoot the enemy up.

It's best to combine the knock-up with his ultimate, which lets Yone dash forward to reach the furthest enemy. Once you reach your destination, you pull in all the opponents through whom you've just dashed. If you've got a fully stacked Q, you can use the knock-up with the ultimate as an engage tool, since you can throw enemies into the air. Sounds fun, eh?

Yone Champion Guide: Play Early Trades Right

As is the norm with most League of Legends champions, you'll have to gain experience with a champion to earn the right item combinations. That's how you can shred opponents in the later stages of the game. Seriously, Yone's late game ultimate damage is insane! And what do you have to do to get to that level? Not feed in the early game. Correct. But being safe doesn't mean you have to be pushed into lane. Just keep poking and trading with your lane opponent like this:

Stack your Q with the wave until you've got the knock-up. Then you'll use your E dash and Q dash right after one another. Your opponent won't anticipate these quick close-up trades and is going to get knocked into the air. You'll have time for at least two auto-attacks and a Q. Then quickly reactivate your E to activate his mark to deal true damage. In'n'Out it's that easy.

Yone is a master of combos. Seriously, you'll need a few games to truly master him, but once you've got it down, you'll be able to look like a mechanical god even though you're stuck in Bronze. Build a lot of crit items, and then you're set to rule the mid lane!

The guides, the videos, the lore, it's all in here! Earlygame leads your path to Challenger!