LoL: New Champion Gwen Ability Rundown

Gwen new LoL Champ
Gwen is a new AP Top Lane Champion (Credit: Riot Games)

Gwen is the newest League of Legends champion. Her Release Date will most likely be in LoL Patch 11.8. Until then, Gwen will be hitting the PBE to get tested, so we will have to be patient for a few more weeks before we get to experience the hallowed Seamstress ourselves.

Until then, we can already prepare ourselves a little, though, since we know what Gwen's abilities are. Riot just released a Twitter thread explaining all of Gwen's abilities so we will quickly summarize what we already know.

Gwen's Abilities

Passive - A Thousand Cuts: Her basic attacks deal on-hit damage based on a percentage of her enemies' maximum health. She also heals herself when attacking other champions.

Since Riot has cut down on systemic healing from items, having that little bit of extra sustain in her kit is vital, especially since she doesn’t have the widest range and will have to go all-in when dueling.

Q - Snip Snip!: Gwen rapidly snips her scissors between two and six times, dealing magic damage in a cone. The lowest number of cuts is two, but another four can be added, depending on how many basic attacks she landed on her enemy prior.

This is going to be her main damage. Level up her Q first and then max it out as fast as possible so you can go toe-to-toe with other top laners in the game. Also, make sure to stack up the passive so she snips as often as possible with as much damage as she can muster up! Especially early on.

W - Hallowed Mist: Gwen spins up the Hallowed Mist to surround her for five seconds, gaining some armor and magic resist. Enemies outside of the mist cannot target her and if she tries to move out of it, the mist will follow. At least for the first time. For the next, the mist won’t follow her.

This is her defensive ability, which will give her some extra resistance when she is dueling in the top lane against some tankier champions. In later team fights, this ability makes her very hard to pin down, which lets her continuously dish out damage from within the mist.

E - Skip’n Slash: Gwen dashes a short distance and empowers her attacks with increased range, speed, and on-hit magic damage for four seconds. Attacking an enemy during this time refunds 50% of this ability’s cooldown.

This is her safety card in the laning phase. She is able to dash out of danger and then cast her W to stay safe if she's being ganked. This is also a great tool for later stages to go into team fights.

R - Needlework: Gwen can cast Needlework up to three times, but needs to hit an enemy within 8 seconds to unlock each subsequent cast. Each cast fires needles in a line that deals magic damage, slows enemies and applies Gwen's Thousand Cuts bonus magic damage.

Her ultimate has three different casts, the first will only cast one needle, the second three, and the third five needles. This is her ultimate ability to take and chase enemies down when they’re trying to escape.

So there you have a rundown of Gwen and her abilities. Who else is excited to try out this new champion?

When is the LoL Gwen Release Date?

As we mentioned above, Gwen will most likely be released for Patch 11.8, which will release on April 14th. Until then, Gwen will come to PBE for tests, so be sure to keep an eye out for YouTube, in case you already want to check out some first Gwen Builds, Gwen Runes, Gwen Skins and an even closer look at Gwen's abilities.

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