LoL Champion Isolde: Leaks, Lore & Release Date

Isolde and Gwen together in Gwen's trailer. Finally, we get a good look at Isolde! (Credit: Riot Games)

After the Riot Games cinematic trailer was released in February, constant theories and champion leaks floated around online. "OMG, Isolde Leaked!", "What else is coming in the LoL Lore?" And when the trailer for Gwen hit, the hype for Isolde hit an all-time high, only to be crushed with the revelation that the seamstress wasn't Isolde, but Gwen – her doll.

That begs the question: is Isolde still going to be released in 2021? Is there any news about the champion? Well, we've done our research and found some interesting information for you!

What do we Know About Isolde?

Viego, the Ruined King, travels through Runeterra bringing death and destruction with him wherever he goes. He is in search of his wife Isolde, whom we know from a few images already, such as the Viego's cover as well as the Gwen Champion Teaser. Well, now Riot has added even more to the LoL Lore by releasing a comprehensive guide to Viego and his connections to other LoL Champions, such as Kalista, Yorick and Hecarim.

You want to know more about Gwen and her Gameplay? Check this out:

Ruined kind lore
Riot is adding more and more interesting Lore this year and we love it! (Credit: Riot Games)

What is the Connection Between Gwen and Isolde?

According to the LoL Lore, Isolde put a part of her soul into the doll Gwen. Even though a part of Isolde's soul is held within the doll, this doesn't mean that we won't be seeing Isolde as her own fleshed-out champion in the coming months. Riot has already teased that there is some unfinished business between Gwen, Isolde and Viego. From the League of Legends Lore, we can tell that there is some strained tension between Viego and Isolde. How this will end is yet to be discovered, though.

What Kind of Champion will Isolde be?

There are a few signs that Isolde is going to be a mid-lane champion. Senna and Lucian are a bot-lane duo while Gwen belongs in the top lane and Viego is a jungler. Therefore, it would make sense for Isolde to be a mid-lane champion, so that we can have a complete team that would fit into the lore as well.

What would her kit entail though? A lot of LoL Lore has been surrounding souls, which could also relate to Isolde in some way, since she did split her soul and she was part of Senna for most of her life. Not to mention: the Corrupted and Hallowed Mist which play a part in the Ruination that took place. How does Isolde, Queen of the Hallowed Mist sound?

Too much speculation? You want cold hard facts? Don't worry we have some concrete Champion info too:

When is the Release Date for Isolde in LoL?

Isolde is most likely going to be released in 2021. Her release is probably going to be at the end of the year, to round out the story of the Ruination. We can already imagine an epic story event like the one in 2015 when Gankplank was disabled at times since he had 'died' in the LoL Lore.

Also, we know that this year the turn-based RPG Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is supposed to be released. Wouldn't it be epic to release the game alongside Isolde?

Need More League of Legends Content?

We just hope that Riot will listen to the community and that together, we can create an epic story and an epic event to celebrate the release of such a hyped and sought-after Champion... but until then, we will just have to theory-craft some more and hope it all comes true!

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