LoL: Next Champion Revealed, Mundo Rework & More [UPDATE]

Dr Mundo BEST
Soon we get to see the new Mundo! (Credit: Riot Games)

Just a week ago we decided to make a roadmap for the upcoming Champions in 2021, and we boasted our great detective skills on whom the next Champion is going to be. Now in a Champion Roadmap from April, which was released by Riot, we’ve made some astounding new discoveries.

We are getting more information regarding the next two LoL champions, as well as Dr. Mundo rework which was already talked about all the way back in September. Also, some new art regarding another champion who is going to get reworked!

Who is The Next LoL Champion?

New ADC Champion
A hook... what could this mean? (Credit: Riot Games)

So we said it would a Yordle, artillery mage who is going to come out next, but after reading through the 2021 Champion Roadmap of April on the Chinese League of Legends site – thanks Google Translate – we can now say that the next champion is going to be a mid-ranged shooter.

This new champion is going to be a Sentinel of Light and will help Senna and Lucian on their journey to battle the black mist and Viego. They’re going to have a similar range to Tristana and Lucian and will also be able to roam around the map quite easily from what we’ve gathered.

This new champion will have a grappling hook – splash art just up above – and will be a marksman designed for the mid lane. This means that they will be similar to Lucian and Tristana not only in range, but also playstyle, but be customized to fit into the mid lane rather than the bot lane. Sounds pretty neat right?

When Will the Next Champion be Released?

It isn’t clear yet when the next Champion is going to be released, but judging by this roadmap, it will still be a few months. Due to some circumstances, the champion Riot originally had planned as the next champion got pushed back, hence why this Mid-Lane Marksman is going to be the next to be released.

Who is The Pushed-Back Champion?

The next mid-lane champion whose release got pushed back is an artillery mage and a Yordle. She was supposed to be released before the Sentinel of Light champion, but her release has been pushed back. In the 2021 April Champion Roadmap, Riot states that they will have to wait a bit longer and work on her more before releasing her.

In the update, Riot explained that her kit changed from being an artillery mage to a more regular mage. They also explained that her visuals weren’t up to par and that they would need more time to bring them up to their standards. Therefore, we will first be getting a new marksman-mid laner champion before the mage-mid-lane Yordle champion.

New Mundo Skin
Dr. Mundo is getting a sick new Skin and a rework! (Credit: Riot Games)

When is the Dr. Mundo rework coming out?

There is no set date yet for the Dr. Mundo rework, but it looks like it is close. We got some information on some new voice lines which will make Dr. Mundo seem a tad bit smarter than his current ones... since he is a doctor after all.

Splash art of a skin which will be released alongside his rework was also revealed. Rageborn Mundo looks amazing and like a skin worth buying, to be honest.

It seems that Riot is in the final stages of the Dr. Mundo rework, and we will be seeing the reworked Madman of Zaun on Summoner’s Rift quite soon.

Udyr Rework
Some early art for the Udyr rework (Credit: Riot Games)

What About Udyr’s Rework?

Udyr won the player-voted rework poll and is the next champion to get a rework. In the 2021 April Champion Roadmap Riot also revealed where they are in the early stages of the rework. They did post a few sketches by Justin “RiotEarp” Albers to show fans what they have in mind for the Udyr reework.

This is everything we know so far from the update, new champions, Dr. Mundo rework and even a few glimpses at what Udyr could look like in a few months. Exciting stuff is coming our way!

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