LoL Champions You Should Try Out Right Now

Swain BG1003
Authentic footage of a game with a fed Swain. Credit: Riot Games

With the League of Legends champions being well over a hundred, some are bound to fall between the cracks when it comes to popularity. With the latest patch notes in the rear-view mirror, here are some champions you might want to try.

League of Legends players love to win (with a few notable exceptions I have had in my team) and the OP champions are quickly sniffed out and targeted for bans and first picks.

However, the meta is a fickle thing and every now and then, you can see powerful champions that fly under the radar. Here are some picks we believe you should try out:

5. Diana

Diana 12
Shiver me timbers, some landlubbers don't know Diana's OP? (Credit: Riot Games)

While we already listed Diana as a mid-laner to keep in mind, the Scorn of the Moon remains criminally underutilized. She is a great burst assassin and can pressure the enemy from very early on.

With the combination of the shield, area damage and mobility, it is a small miracle that she hasn’t quite caught on in popularity. Unlike Kassadin, who appears to be heading for some nerfs, it seems Diana will fare well in the next patch as well.

4. Cho'Gath

Chogath 4
Don't let the bony look fool you, Cho'Gath gets fed in a hurry (Credit: Riot Games)

The beefy bruiser has benefited from the relative power of tank items. Even after a small nerf in Patch 11.3, he remains a dominant presence in the top lane.

Cho brings some crowd control, sustain, and a good amount of burst damage or objective secure power after level 6. Whether full tank or AP-tank hybrid, this champion can spiral out of control, becoming large and in charge.

3. Swain

Swain 1
A well-played Swain is certainly a chilling sight (Credit: Riot Games)

The grand general of Noxus has quietly been outmaneuvering his opponents on the Rift. This high-damage control mage has been racking up a good number of wins both as mid laner and, curiously, as a bot-lane mage alongside a support.

It is there that Swain can be more dangerous, as having more convenient brushes, a longer lane and (usually) less mobile opponents let him unleash havoc with his surprisingly high damage and the ability to pull enemies out of position. After level 6, his ultimate ability gives him a huge power spike that makes him a terror in the teamfights.

Main qimg 1eefa30d03246d7eed54d56c572980e3
When he hits you with that totally-not-Sith-lightning, it sure feels like he has unlimited ability power! (Credit: Disney)

2. Nocturne

Nocturne 5
A metallic nightmare to haunt your foes (Credit: Riot Games)

While he is a bit too niche to be seen as a top pick in the jungle, Nocturne should not be underestimated. His quick clearing speed is very useful in the current jungle meta and while he does not have a lot of crowd control of his own, he is good at chasing down opponents.

However, he has recently been rising in popularity as a top laner, using his speed and chase potential to harass foes when he has an advantage. Nocturne is not a champion for every team composition, but with the right teammates he is a nightmare indeed.

1. Samira

Samira 0
Half beauty, half beast, all style (Credit: Riot Games)

Until recently a common ban, this swashbuckling markswoman had fallen out of favor for a while. However, patch 11.5 has finally given her a buff. She is not a common ban anymore, which means you can often get to play her - and she still brings the damage to make it work.

Samira still has her weaknesses, of course, so avoid taking her when the enemy is packing a lot of hard engage or other ways to shut her down. However, if your opponents pick champions you can play into, take her and combo away!


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