LoL: Sentinels of Light Cinematic Reveals Isolde

Sentinels of Light image
Senna and Lucian face off against Viego one last time. | © Riot Games

The newest cinematic of the Sentinels event was just released, and reveals Isolde for the first time. The cinematic capped off the biggest in-game event of the year, but fans seem disappointed – and with good reason. Is Isolde coming to the Sentinels Event? We take a quick dive into the Sentinels event.

The Sentinels event looked promising, spanning over various Riot Games, such as Valorant, Wild Rift and TFT. Thanks to the canon lore, fans had something to be excited about, but the event didn’t live up to the hype.

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What is the Ruination and Sentinels Lore?

The lore surrounding the event is closely related to Senna and Lucian, two champions we’re very familiar with. Their story brought us to the Shadow Isles where Thresh had imprisoned Senna within his lantern. All this had been known for ages already though.

In the Sentinels lore, Senna and Lucian had to stop the ruination plague which was spreading throughout Runeterra due to Viego, the Ruined King, looking for Isolde – his lost love.

Viego is basically the reason this whole event was happening. His greed for ‘love’ or what he thinks of as love, due to his sick obsession with his late Isolde, is what caused him to basically unleash the darkness.

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Senna and Lucian, two Sentinels of Light, had to fight against Viego and the army of ruined ones he was creating… and if any of you have been paying League of Legends, you will know that they did manage to recruit a few other champions to their cause.

Isolde was Revealed in the Cinematic

Fans got a full visual of Isolde in the cinematic. It seemed like Viego had won, gaining all fragments of her soul – which pretty much sounds like a Horcrux to me – thus bringing Isolde back. She manifested before him, calling his ‘love’ an obsession.

Does this mean that we will be getting Isolde as a champion at some point? At the beginning of the year, we thought so – but instead, we got Gwen. Isolde could still make an appearance on Summoner’s Rift, but it would be as one of the last champions released in 2021, so she'll probably come in either November or December.

What Made the Sentinels Event so Lackluster?

The event has felt quite lackluster, especially for anyone interested in League of Legends lore. This is due to the plot holes we’ve been getting, and the story arcs that just seemed to be completely forgotten by Riot.

There were characters and champions who had such potential, but it seems like Riot completely forgot about them. For example, the fact that this newest cinematic was merely a retelling of the visual novel seemed a bit lazy.

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Also, many champions who could have been part of the cinematic were left out as well, like Yorick. Fans have been quite loud about his absence.

Why does the Sentinels Event seem to Chaotic?

The event was planned a while ago, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of the different teams working on the event could not meet up in person. Therefore, it is highly likely that while everyone knew what they had to do, the coercion and team effort to make everything fit together smoothly wasn’t there.

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Sure, Teams meetings and Skype calls are possible, but there is a huge difference between working together in the same office and working remotely. Some ideas and suggestions aren’t exchanged, which could lead to an event like this being a bit all over the place.

We just hope that this isn't the end of the Ruination story. There is much more lore to be explored, like with Thresh, Yorick and even the other champions who have joined the Sentinels. Plus we still need to find out if Isolde really will be a playable champion on the rift!

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