Will League of Legends Release on Console?

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League of Legends is an immensely popular PC game. With over 150 champions and interesting lore, as well as diverse gameplay, the game has become the biggest and most well-known MOBA on the planet. This begs the question though, can we also play this game on console?

Many people have been asking the same question: Is League available on console? Today we’re going to be clearing up these queries because League on console would be pretty interesting to see.

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Will League of Legends be Released on Console?

The simple answer? No. League of Legends will not be made available for console any time soon. At least, there is no news or leaks regarding League of Legends being made available for any of the consoles.

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However, the mobile version Wild Rift is going to have a console and handheld version. According to an article from May, Riot is developing the mobile game for console. Wild Rift is immensely popular and has many of the same champions as League, so if you’re looking for a League experience on console, then Wild Rift is your safest bet.

When Will the Console Version of Wild Rift be Released?

Riot is hoping that the console version of Wild Rift will be made available at the end of the year. They’re working on making the mobile game more console friendly, by adjusting the control system to fit a controller and handheld devices, such as the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of controllers, another question we found regarding League is whether we’re able to play it with a controller?

Can You Play League of Legends with a Controller?

League of Legends is a PC game made for a mouse and a keyboard. That’s how it is traditionally played, but if someone gets hand cramps and prefers a controller, then they’re able to use a controller as wellYouTuber boxbox has figured out how to play League efficiently with a controller even. But you have to remember that it isn’t as easy as just plugging in a controller.

If you do want to play League of Legends with a controller, then you’ll need a 3rd party program to bind mouse and keyboard inputs onto your controller. Otherwise, the whole controller won’t work.

Also, it’s important to note that with a controller, you’ll lose a lot of precision, which you gain from playing with a mouse and keyboard. The dynamic movements of a mouse needs to be recreated with more complicated movements from a joystick or pair of joysticks. So keep that in mind too.

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