LoL: Damwon World Championship Skins and More Hit PBE

Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins
Damwon Worlds Skins Coming soon (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.8 just came out today and with it, a new set of changes have hit PBE. New skins and Chromas which will soon be available for everyone, but first need to be tested and adjusted in public beta.

How many LoL Skins are Currently Being Tested in PBE?

In the current cycle there are 6 skins being tested. The previously mentioned 5 Damwon Gaming World Championship skins, as well as a new Conqueror skin for Jax who is also going to be getting a Prestige Edition.

The Jax skin is going to be a legacy skin, but unfortunately, there is no splash art available yet for the new look, which is why we have to be satisfied with the in-game model, as well as animations that are already available for us to enjoy.

What are the World Championship Skins?

Every team which wins the League of Legends World Championship gets immortalized in the game by creating their own skins for a champion of their choice. The 2020 World Champions, Damwon Gaming chose Leona, Jhin, Nidalee, Twisted Fate and Kennen as their Champions.

The skins will have a Greek/roman mythology theme, and they look absolutely stunning. The white and turquoise colors of Damwon KIA are also represented in the skins. One of the highlights is the animations that are added to the champions and each player also got their signature added into the backing animation of the champion which is just adorable. Especially that of Canyon. What was he even thinking?

Canyon Nidalee Skin
His signature!! (Credit: Riot Games)

Each of the skins represents a Greek god, with Kennen becoming the god of thunder himself and Jhin the god of Music and Archery – Apollo. Nidalee becomes the goddess of the hunt while Leona represents Athena. Lastly, is Twisted Fate, who seems to resemble Hermes.

What else is being tested right now?

Kog’Maw is getting a VFX update. The texture of his model is being redone, as well as some added clarity for his missiles and ultimate. It will make playing Kog’Maw much better and clearer hopefully. So all that we need is a buff so he can show off his sick new VFX upgrade.

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