LoL: Damwon World Championship Skins Release Date & More

Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins
Who is ready for these Skins? (Credit: Riot Games)

Last year, Damwon Gaming won the 2020 World Championship in Shanghai, China. At the time of the win, none of the players were sure of which champions they’d pick for their LoL World Championship skins, but the wait is over and the splash art is out!

Which Champions are getting World Championship Skins?

Five champion skins have been announced – obviously since Damwon Gaming manned a 5-player roster at the 2020 World Championship. Nuguri is getting a Kennen skin, Canyon chose Nidalee, ShowMaker Twisted Fate, and the bot lane duo of Ghost and BeryL picked Jhin and Leona for their skins.

This is the first time any of these champions – other than Jhin – are getting Championship skins. Jhin also has an SKT T1 Skin from 2016, which was designed by Bang.

What Theme did these Skins get?

In the LCK finals press conference, ShowMaker stated that the team had wanted to go with a greek/roman mythology theme for the skins and it truly shows, with each champion bringing forth the charm of specific ancient gods.

Jhin represents Apollo, which is made quite clear thanks to the laurel crown on his head. Apollo is also the God of Archery and Jhin is an archer so to speak.

Twisted Fate seems to resemble Hermes, who is the gods' messenger that travels quickly and over large distances. His background of being the god for travelers as well as thieves and merchants fits into Twisted Fate’s lore as well.

Nuguri’s Kennen seems to represent Zeus. Both weaponize thunder and lightning which makes it an obvious choice for the champion.

Nidalee, a huntress, fits with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. There is also speculation that she could represent Poseidon due to her spear, which makes her mythical counterpart still unclear.

Saren Sasaki Princess Connect
Saren Sasaki is a character from the game Princess Connect and BerryL's Waifu... also the inspiration for the Leona Skin (Credit: Cygames)

Lastly, BeryL chose Leona who fits perfectly with Athena. Athena is a protector of cities and is often seen with a large shield. Sounds familiar? For her skin, BeryL also had another request. She had to look just like his waifu Saren Sasaki from the role-playing game Princess Connect and well... Putting her next to Leona we’re pretty sure he got his wish. We love a man of culture.

When will the LoL Damwon World Championship Skins be made available?

There is no specific release date for the skins yet, nor are there any in-game videos yet. All we have is the splash art, which could mean that we have to wait a few more months before we get to experience these amazing skins!

Until then, we will have to watch the LCK finals which are set to kick off April 10th at 10 AM CEST with Damwon KIA facing off against Gen. G.

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