LoL Champion Guide: Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana Champion Guide ENG
Diana is a versatile pick, but our guide will show you how to dominate the mid lane.

In this LoL champion guide, we are going to be taking a closer look at Diana. You'll be able to utilize her strengths within a game to take advantage of any situation since she is a mobile assassin. An early lead can make the key difference. So what makes Diana such a coveted pick? This Diana champion guide will show you!

Since Rod of Ages was removed from the game, Diana can't be played as a tank/one-shot assassin. But with Hextech Alternator she only loses the tank part and stays a one-shot assassin who is especially feared in solo queue. Thanks to her passive, she is a viable mid laner and jungler. She can roam and create immense pressure thanks to her speed. Her jungle clear is also nothing to scoff at. With a pick rate of 11.3% in Master+, she is an absolute meta pick.

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Diana Build: Runes and Items

In the mid lane, you'll have to choose your runes depending on the matchup. If you're up against bruisers like Sylas or Irelia, then you should pick up the rune build which will be shown a bit further down.

Squishy targets like Syndra, Lux or Xerath will face Diana's one-shot-build. Electrocute is the best keystone. Through Diana's W, you'll be able to proc it with ease, and you'll deal a whole lot of damage, even in short trades. Thanks to Sudden Impact, you'll also get some added magic penetration. Eyeball Collection is needed for extra AP-scaling. In the third slot, pick Ravenous Hunter for the Omnivamp.

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In the Jungle and sidelane, you should pick Conqueror as your main keystone. Her passive auto attack together with Nashors Tooth synergize perfectly, and you'll be able to sustain, while also dealing a lot of damage, throughout elongated fights. Triumph is needed to stay alive longer. Legend: Alacrity is also great to improve her scaling and in the third slot, pick Coup de Grace to one-shot any low health targets.

As your second keystone, pick Resolve with Shield Bash to improve her W shield. This way, you've got more sustain and can take more trades.

Diana Guide: Early Game

Once Diana hits level 3, she will want to trade as much as possible. Due to the base mana nerf in Patch 10.3 though, you'll have fewer resources for trades, so try to hit your Q – Crescent Strike, so you can get the reset on her E – Lunar Rush. Otherwise, you'll have a spell with a 22-second cooldown and in the early game that won't feel good. Once you're close to an opponent use W – Pale Cascade to generate her full damage onto an enemy and to proc Electrocute.

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After the trade, your opponent will most likely use their flash, or you get the kill. Once you hit level 6, you'll always manage to get a flash out of your opponent. You'll use your W to shield yourself from any poke and to minimize the number of times you recall. Try to rush Hextech Alternator and Boots if possible. That way you'll have insane damage early on and can push the lane. This will enable you to roam into the top or bot lane. Her roaming potential is what makes her so popular in higher elos.

If you've played a few games before and are decent with your mechanics, then make sure you build Hextech Rocketbelt. The passive gives Diana more magic penetration and another mobility spell. If that's too many buttons, just build Night Harvester instead.

Diana Guide: Mid Game

If you can come out of the early game with a lead, then the mid game is where Diana truly shines. Get Zhonya's Hourglass, and you're an engage monster. The typical Diana Combo in every teamfight is Q>E>W>R>Zhonya's. This way, you'll pull all your opponents into your ult, and you just can't die. While your opponents are stuck and getting hit with the full power of Moonfall. Try this combo with Yasuo – if you're playing Diana in the jungle – since he can easily Ult all the champs hit with Diana's ultimate. All we have to say is GG EZ.

After that, you can decide whether you'll go for the sustain Nashors Lich Bane Build or the full damage Rabadons Void Staff Build.

You decide how Diana will be played. You can play her as an assassin who will not get involved in fights at first, but jump onto the backline to take out the carry champions, or you can use her as the initiator to engage onto the frontline. Either playstyle works for Diana and this diversity makes her such a strong pick in the meta.

Diana Guide: Late Game

This is where the teleport comes into play. Diana is an amazing split pusher, since she's able to win 1-vs-1 fights against just about any champion. Did we mention that her tower push is insane as well? Thanks to her passive, she is able to melt towers on the spot and thanks to the teleport, she can pressure all sides of the map, while also being present during a teamfight when needed.

That's why you'll also want Rabadons to perfect her late game one-shot potential. Diana has good scaling, but the electrocute build will have a short downtime once her combo was used – therefore, you want your opponents dead as soon as possible.

Other than that, you'll continue to split push throughout the late game. Engage on the backline in fights – but only if you've got your Zhonya's. Watch out for smart opponents though, because they'll try to burst you down the second you jump into the fray of things.

Diana Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Diana doesn't have any horrendous matchups, which make her a great blind pick. In the jungle, you'll probably have some difficulties against Rengar, Nocturne and Shyvana.

In the mid lane, Diana has one hard counter, and that is Irelia. All-in champions generally have a bad time against Irelia. In the later stages of the game, you won't have the damage to burst her down, since she can just heal up. Vladimir is also a good pick against Diana since he is able to dodge her ultimate with his pool. Also, Yasuo might be good alongside Diana, but he's just as good against her. What can't his Windwall block?

Diana is insanely strong against mages like Annie, Orianna and Syndra. She has the upper hand due to her mobility, and she does way more damage than Orianna or Syndra can deal with. Mages want to keep their opponents at arm's length, but Diana just jumps in their faces and blows them up.

We hope that this Diana champion guide has helped you understand this fun champion a little better. You can try her out in your next solo queue game and tilt some squishy ADCs.

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