Riot Reveal Details About Sentinels of Light & New Game Mode

Lol sentinels of light
Viego will face the last stand of the Sentinels of Light. | © Riot Games

Alert! Riot has news! The developers revealed further details about the new League of Legends event - Sentinels of Light, and a new LoL game mode that will support it - Ultimate Spellbook. Here is our review of this exciting news and what the new stuff means for the game.

LoL fans are not surprised, but they are excited. The awaited details of the next event and the rumored new game mode is finally here. Riot released a six-minute video talking about this and other upcoming LoL content, such as skins, so let's go over the info and try to digest it.

New LoL Event: Sentinels of Light

The first announcement was of the Sentinels of Light event. It will follow up on the Viego storyline, this time focusing on the Sentinels' last attempt to take the Ruined King down and save Runeterra from ruin. That last bit was phrased just like in the video. We simply loved the wordplay!

When Does Sentinels of Light Start?

Sentinels of Light launches in League of Legends next week. The event will include all Riot games, so be prepared for surprises! Hardcore fans should not take this as a sign of despair, because Riot added that Sentinels of Light will be based on the core League of Legends lore and expand the champions' story arcs. You could say that there will be something on the table for every Riot fan.

New LoL Game Mode: Ultimate Spellbook

The new LoL game mode is set to fulfil a lot of players' wet dreams. The Ultimate Spellbook will allow you to "steal" another champion's ultimate. You will be presented with three choices and the additional ult you choose will replace one of your Summoner Spells. That's right, you keep your own ult. How awesome is that?! Due to it replacing a Summoner Spell, the "stolen" ultimate will be available for usage after a short cooldown. That's a price we are willing to pay.

Sentinels of Light and Ultimate Spellbook are not the only things Riot wanted to talk about. If you wish to see the full announcement and learn of the publisher's skin plans for the future, then treat yourself to their YouTube video:

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