LoL: Fans Annoyed About LEC Schedule

LoL Fans are annoyed about the LEC schedule yet again. After the "meaningless" Split Finals, many are complaining about the timing of the upcoming Season Finals. Read everything about it here.

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Many LoL Fans are complaining about the LEC schedule, again |©Riot Games

Fans and the official LEC scheduling won't become friends anymore in the near future, that's for sure, since yet again many community members are complaining about the timing of the Season Finals. Some fans are also complaining about the time, the teams will miss due to the scheduling, while preparing for this year's Worlds.

LoL Fans Complain About Big Time Gap Between Finals

That the schedule of this year's LEC might be different to the former years is logical, since the new three-split system was introduced. But one certain fact about it enraged the already annoyed community even more. So what's going on?

The LEC Summer Split just ended on Sunday, July 30, with the Split Finals between G Esports and Excel. A quick 3-0 stomp by G2 led to a rather underwhelming end of the split. Now there is only the Season Finals left on the schedule, before the World Championship begins on October,10.

In these Season Finals, the best six teams are going head to head to claim one of the four spots for the Worlds in Korea. What annoys the fans is the fact that these finals are about to begin on August 19, 2023. So roughly 3 weeks after the Summer Split Finals. The Grand Final is even scheduled for September 10, 2023.

One user took to Reddit, where many community members are complaining about the waste of time, and the fact that the participating teams get lesser time to prepare for the World Championship.

Why is there a 3 week break between LEC Summer finals and LEC Season finals?
by u/NeatDig352 in leagueoflegends

The LEC was already criticized for the "meaningless" Split Finals and the lack of hype and built up for it. Now the teams of G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Team BDS, Excel, Fnatic and SK Gaming have to wait some weeks before their next official matches,

Community Reactions To The Situation

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Six teams have to wait for 3 weeks to play the final, and have less time to prepare for Worlds |©Riot Games

Well, the user "NeatDig352", who posted the question into the League of Legends Subreddit, got many answers, which were filled with negativity towards the scheduling. Many users simply couldn't understand the idea behind the three-week gap and the missing time for the LEC teams to prepare for Worlds, once the finals are played and four of them are qualified.

The user "Lewi00", posted the Finals-date for the other LoL regions to point out the interesting timing of the LEC Finals.

LPL Summer Finals: Aug 5th
LPL Regional Finals: Aug 6-8th
LCK Summer Finals: Aug 20th
LCS Summer Finals: Aug 20th
LCK Regional Finals: Aug 25-27th
LEC Season Finals: Aug 19th-Sep 10th.

It was also pointed out by many that the tree-week break simply kills all the hype, that could have been there after the Summer Split Finals. Others are concerned about the player-health, since these guys couldn't take a break from competitive playing, since they have to be prepared for the Season Finals. For example the user "moonmeh", who wrote,

It's so stupid. The players can't rest cause they are scrimming pretty much daily. Like fucking hell get the season finals done and over with so that they can take a break then bootcamp in Korea
Season finals should be happening next week

"NeadDig352" himself, put the whole time span into perspective and compared it to the other regions:

Worlds starts on the 10th of October, and LEC finals ends on the 10th of September. If we assume teams leave without taking a break, which is not going to be healthy considering the crunch they have to do right now to even reach worlds, it makes no sense. They'll have around 2-3 weeks of efficient practice in the best region vs the like of LCS who has 5-6 weeks.

It will be interesting to see, if Riot Games will plan out a more fitting schedule for the upcoming LEC Splits or even react to the criticism at all. Now we have to wait a few weeks until we know for sure, which teams are gonna represent Europe at Worlds 2023. And only the future will show, how prepared these team are compared to the ones from the other region.

Of course, we will keep you up-to-date once the Season Finals are started.

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