LoL: The Final New Champion of 2020 has been Revealed

Rell Lo L Champ 1
The new Tank Support is here! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

After the abilities of the new League of Legends Champion – Rell – were leaked on a Chinese website, fans have been speculating what this champion can do. Well, Riot revealed everything last night and she’s even playable on PBE already!

Through some gameplay videos, we were able to see that this champion will make Leona or Alistar mains quite happy since she has a similar feel to her as them. Rell is filled with cc abilities and has a unique playstyle that isn’t obnoxious. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s take a look at her abilities!

Her Passive

Rell’s passive lets her steal a portion of her opponents MR and Armour and deals bonus damage depending on the percentage stolen. She can also siphon resistances from enemies to make herself even stronger.

Her Q – Shattering Strike

This ability lets her strike forward with her lance, dealing damage and breaking any shields. Additionally, if you’re bound to an allied champion with her E – we get to this in just a bit – She and that ally recover health for each champion hit.

This ability is going to make any Janna, Lulu or Sett mains quite unhappy. But the more we find out about her abilities, the more the warning in the roadmap of ‘not wearing heavy armour’ makes sense since she is a complete armour and shield breaking champion.

Her W1 – Ferromancy: Crash Down

This ability only works when she is mounted on her horse. She leaps into the sky, her horse transforming into heavy armour which gains her a huge shield. Upon landing, she knocks up all enemies around her. While transforming Rell is able to use her E and R abilities. One thing to note, that when Rell is dismounted, she is very tanky, but also very slow. So using this ability should be an all-in situation you know you’ll be able to get out of.

Her W1 – Ferromancy: Mount Up

She can only use this ability when she has to mount up back onto her horse. She gains a burst of movement speed and charges towards an enemy. She stuns them and throws them over her shoulder and deals bonus damage.

Her W has a really unique and interesting playstyle. Using Her W1 is perfect for any initiation into a teamfight. It stuns multiple targets thanks to the AoE, while her W2 can be used to try and target isolated champions.

Her E – Attract and Repel

Rell binds herself to an allied champion. This gives them bonus armour and magic resist. Casting this spell a second time will break the bind and stun any enemies which are around her and her bound ally.

This is another one of the many stuns Rell has in her kit. This one can be extremely useful when also using her W2. Stun up more enemies and flip them over her shoulder. Yes, Rell can just perma-stun the opposition.

Her R – Magnet Storm

Her ultimate ability lets her yank in surrounding enemies and pull them along with her. She can pull them along, though the ability does not interrupt the enemies' attacks like a Skarner ultimate would.

If her ultimate is up and she jumps into a fight, she can immobilize an entire team and pull them in. Overall this ability will be quite a nuisance to play against, but it’ll be great to have on the team as an engage tool for fights.

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