LoL: Wife Buff for Fnatic Upset Right Before Worlds 2021

Fnatic Upset Wife Buff
Will EU finally win worlds again? | © LEC/Fnatic

The wife buff is a rare, but strong occurrence in the LoL esports community. Only a few players have obtained such a high-class buff, which heightens a player's ability. Now Elias "Upset" Lipp has managed to snatch himself the wife buff, which indicates that Fnatic should do pretty good at Worlds 2021 this year.

Okay guys, we're just making a few jokes here... right? The wife buff is clearly just a meme. Can a marriage really influence a players' performance? Well, we've crunched the numbers and looked at the stats and... well, there is some correlation to strong performances and getting married... which means Fnatic Upset just gained the strongest buff in the book after getting married this week.

So what do we say to the lucky guy? Congratulations on getting a beautiful wife and becoming the 2021 League of Legends World Champion! Because once you've obtained the wife buff, anything is possible.

LoL: Wife Buff for Fnatic Upset!

The announcement came out of the blue via Twitter. Upset told his fans and the community in a tweet that he is now married. Paulaeal is the lucky lady. At this point and time, we want to send our best wishes to the couple! But this reveal doesn't just make other players jealous, but also nervous and that's because of one thing: the wife buff.

There aren't too many marriages we've witnessed in the history of League of Legends esports. Many players are young and choose not to date, focussing solely on the game instead. But as players are working on longevity, we're also getting older players who can gain wife buffs in future competitions.

Who has Received the Wife Buff Already?

There are quite a few players that have dominated League of Legends after getting married. Let's go back a few years to 2017, when Samsung Galaxy's jungler, Ambition, got married. What happened afterward? The team manages to qualify for Worlds in China and take down SKT T1 and Faker for the first time in Worlds history. Clearly, the wife buff was at work here.

The year is 2019, Doinb, mid laner of FunPlus Phoenix is mixing up the meta and shows off his unique play style. No team can even get close to FPX and even though G2 has the upper hand and home-court advantage – hell, Caps even had his dad there for the dad buff – but none of that mattered because the wife buff was just too strong and FPX demolished G2 3-0. All this, even though he'd given up on professional league, only for his wife to tell him to try one last time. Once again, wife buff prevailed.

You can certainly guess the moral of the story. But it can't be a coincidence, can it? The results of the first LEC play-off round already speak volumes.

Upset Going to Worlds 2021 With His Wife Buff

No, seriously guys. Just go in Twitter and type in Wife Buff. Not just EU, but also NA is going crazy on Upset and his performance. The second week of the playoffs is over, and it's clear. The Buff is working. Fnatic fights their way back in the lower bracket of the LEC and picks up their third ticket to Worlds 2021. Twice they had to play the weekend and both Bo5's they won 3-2. An exhausting series lies behind them, but the end is only in sight for G2 – who won't go to Worlds first time EVER. Next week it will be decided whether Upset and Fnatic will start in the Group Stage or in the Play-Ins. Will the Wife Buff strike again?

Anyways, we're very excited about the 2021 World Championship, and maybe the wife buff will work in Europe's favor. It would be nice to bring the title back home. Not to mention Fnatic has looked exceptionally good over the last few games, hopefully they keep the momentum going!

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