LoL Item Guide: Eclipse

Eclipse Item Guide
Who is ready to slice down the opposition?

You guys open up the Item Shop and nearly go into epileptic shock? All those new, legendary and mythic items... seriously where to even begin? Don't worry too much because we've got something for you: The League of Legends Item Guide Series. Today we will be looking at Eclipse; when to build it and which champions utilize it best!

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Eclipse is our third Attack Damage item which you can happily build on assassins. But instead of putting this on your average mid laner, we're going to move north to the top lane or even into the jungle. Unlike Duskblade or Prowler's Claw, Eclipse has some lifesteal on it which is key.

Eclipse Stats:

  • Cost: 3200 Gold
  • + 55 Attack Damage
  • + 8% Omnivamp
  • + 18 Lethality
  • Gold efficiency without passive: 72,9%

What can Eclipse do?

Eclipse's passive 'Ever Rising Moon' will give you additional movement speed as well as a shield if you manage to hit your opponent with 2 auto-attacks within 1.5 seconds. Additionally, your opponent will take 6% of their max life as added damage. A few reasons why this is so amazing for the top lane:

  1. You're playing against tanks most of the time and 6% of their max health as damage is a pretty big deal.
  2. Champions that utilize Eclipse often have some form of auto-attack reset which can be used to enhance attack speed.
  3. The lane is long – at least longer than mid – and thanks to the added movement speed you'll be able to quickly run behind your enemies to get that final auto for a kill.
Eclipse Guide Thumb
Look away now! Eclipse is too strong!

Which Champions Should Build Eclipse?

If you want to use Eclipse's passive to the best of its ability, then build this item on champions with auto-attack resets. So this item is especially good for top lane fighters like Xin Zhao and Riven since they can also use the built-in Omnivamp for some extra sustain.

Since Omnivamp doesn't just work on auto-attacks like life steal, but rather with magic damage as well as true damage abilities, this is a key stat to keep in mind when choosing which item to build. Eclipse's passive also has armor penetration, which as an AD champion is something you always like to see.

What is Ngombe Ngulu?

The LoL Item Eclipse is designed after the looks of an ancient sword by the Bantu people named Ngombe Ngulu. The Bantu people spread in several tribes around the whole continent of Africa, Ngombe being one of them. They are originating from the Congo, having own languages and culture. The Ngombe Ngulu is a sword made in egyptian-like style with a massive iron blade. What makes it special, is the possibility to divide it in half by pressing buttons at the bottom. That made it of great use in executions. Nowadays, it only has some ceremonial value though.


If you aren't feeling like playing your mid-lane Zed for once, but would rather rip through the jungle on Xin Zhao or want to reel in those annoying top lane bruisers, then Eclipse is the item for you. Its versatility makes it a great all-rounder which won't have you depend on one-shotting opponents left and right. This is for those of you who like long drawn out fights.

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