LoL Lore: The Story of Amumu, the Sad Mummy

Amumu Sad Mummy Boy
Who is the sad mummy boy? (Credit: Riot Games)

Nobody is sure of who or what Amumu really is. Multiple stories are told about the sad mummy bringing nothing but destruction and death with him.

Amumu is probably the saddest champion in all of League of Legends and his lore really doesn’t help. We take a deep dive into the sad mummy boy to try and figure out who he is behind all those tears.

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Who is Amumu According to LoL Lore?

Amumu is a sad and forgotten soul of Shurima. It is said that he is cursed to be forever alone, bringing death and destruction with him wherever he goes. His affection and love cause nothing but heartache for those affected. But there are multiple tales of who Amumu really is.

One tale speaks of Amumu as being part of the first great ruling family of Shurima. The family was affected by a terrible flesh-eating disease which caused their youngest son, Amumu, to be quarantined in complete isolation and darkness.

A single servant girl would come and bring him food and drinks, without ever opening the door to his chambers. On the day of his older brother's death, she came and told Amumu that he was now the ruler of Shurima.

Hearing his cries, she opened the door and Amumu embraced the girl in happiness – finally seeing a person again after so long – only to reel back in realization, that upon touching her, he’d cursed this young girl just as his family had been cursed by him.

The girls’ grandmother cursed the young boy, and he was trapped to forever live in his moments of suffering.

Another tale speaks of Amumu being another young prince, this time filled with self-confidence. He forced people to bow before him and in his greed, he sought the Eye of Angor, an ancient relic buried within a gilded crypt.

For years, he searched for the artifact, forcing his slaves to carry him through the labyrinth and die as the sacrificial pawns that they were. Eventually, they came to the cyclopean golden archway where the artifact lay. Amumu rushed forward, needing to look into the Eye of Agnor, only for his slaves to seal the entry and trap the young emperor within the tomb.

It is said that he stayed within the tomb for years, driven insane by his loneliness. He clawed at his skin. Thanks to the Eye of Agnor, his life was extended, and he continued to live within the confines of darkness and cursed to be forever alone.

When years later an earthquake unearthed the tomb, Amumu had no idea how much time had passed. He decided to wander Runeterra to try and undo all the wrongs he had done before.

Amumu Lore Shurima Desert
An Image of the Shuriman Desert (Credit: Riot Games)

A third tale speaks of Amumu being the last Yordle ruler of Shurima. According to his lore it is said that he believed in the innate goodness of human hearts and swore to live his life as a beggar until he made one true friend. Only… this never happened.

He roamed Shurima as a disheveled beggar, seeking true friendship, but no one ever lent him a hand. Nobody reached out to him to help and as time moved on, Amumu’s sadness grew until he died of a broken heart.

Death was no salvation though, because many believe that Amumu’s broken soul wanders the Shuriman desert forever, searching for someone who will restore his faith in humanity.

Is Amumu a Yordle or Human According to LoL Lore?

In League of Legends, he could be mistaken for a Yordle due to his small stature, but overall this is left ambiguous. Even reading through the lore, he can be either a small human boy or a Yordle.

Since his champion lore isn't clear, players can envision him as a forgotten Yordle spirit roaming Runeterra in search of human kindness, or a once entombed young king of Shurima.

Shurima sun disk Lore Amumu
The once vibrant sun disk of the Shuriman capital (Credit: Riot Games)

What is Shurima According to LoL Lore?

The Empire of Shurima was once a thriving civilization, but the fall of its capital due to Xerath caused it to fall apart. Now, only stories remain of its once vibrant strength, inhabiting mostly nomadic tribes.

According to Champion lore from Taliyah and Sivir, the inhabitants of Shurima are forced to hunt for buried riches to survive, while others guard their small outposts around some oasis in the desert. It is a far cry from the once strong and vibrant empire it has once been.

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