LoL Lore: The Story of Anivia, the Cryophoenix

Anivia Lore
Who is Anivia according to her champion lore? (Credit: Riot Games)

There are multiple tales that speak of Anivia and her creation of the Freljord. She protects and loves those with a kind heart, but who is she really?

Anivia is an ice phoenix, who lives and dies, never breaking the cycle. She hails from the northern point of Valoran, a symbol of hope and change. But diving deeper into her champion lore, we take a look at the destruction which follows this demi-god.

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Who is Anivia According to LoL Lore?

Anivia is an ancient demi-god from the Freljord, a northern region of Valoran. She represents the cycle of life and death. There are multiple stories and tales which speak of Anivia as someone who rewards those who are kind and humble.

The Notai tribe describes her birth as the first snowfall of Freljord. As she broke from her egg, tiny pieces of ice flew into the air, drifting back down to earth and powdering the ground. The Mourncrow tribe also adds that the first flaps of her wings caused the icy winds of the Freljord.

Anivia does possess the power of winter, controlling the cool elements to her will. Anyone who dares enter with bad intentions will face the wrath of this demi-god. Her biggest gift though? True ice. This element is infused with magic and can make any weapon unbreakable.

Ruined Fortress of the Iceborn
The Ruined Fortress of the Iceborn. (Credit: Riot Games)

As centuries passed humans entered the Freljord. Anivia aided them, as they were not accustomed to the cold yet. As time passed, she hoped that these clans would protect the Freljord, but instead, they began to fight amongst one another.

Then, a southern king marched into the north, in hopes of shackling the magical beings and gaining the land for himself. Anivia became enraged and blasted them with a blizzard that lasted over a century. The soldiers were frozen, and their remains can still be seen to this day as stones scattered over the landscape.

There are multiple other tales that speak of Anivia. One thing is certain though, she has seen the rise and fall of multiple dynasties and civilizations. Death cannot touch Anivia, as she is always reborn, but that rebirth usually is a sign of great peril to come, for Anivia is the harbinger of something truly terrible as well.

Rebirth and Rebuilding come after death and destruction… and in recent times mortals swear they have seen Anivia once more, foreshadowing a great threat to the mortals in Runeterra.

Freljord Raiders
Raiders and Hunters in Freljord. (Credit: Riot Games)

Is Anivia a God According to LoL Lore?

According to her champion lore it is stated that Anivia is a demi-god. She is the creator of the Freljord and the incessant winter, able to command the elements. She is the protector of the northern Valoran part and has fought in multiple battles.

Does Anivia Belong to a Northern Tribe?

No, Anivia has no direct line to any of the tribes. She is a god of the north who does not belong to any of the northern tribes, though each tribe has some connection to her since, without her help, civilization would not have been able to come to the Freljord and survive.

According to her champion lore, she is venerated by many, and tales of her are recounted by various Freljord tribes such as the Notai tribe of the Avarosan. She is a higher being that does not belong to one.

Are There More LoL Champions from the Freljord?

Vrynna Legends of Runeterra
Vrynna is a character from LoR. (Credit: Riot Games)

Yes, there are multiple champions from the Freljord. Some of the most well-known characters from League of Legends, such as Ashe, Braum and Tryndamere come from the Freljord. One of the champions who are also closely related to Anivia according to their champion lore is Ornn, who is also a demi-god.

There are also characters from Legends of Runeterra who could make for some great potential champions in the future, such as Vrynna, who is also part of Sylaschampion lore. Of course, looking at Anivia’s lore, the story of Ulla could also make for an interesting champion in League of Legends.

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