LoL Lore: The Story of Annie the Dark Child

Annie no skin
Annie is a fierce young girl. (Credit: Riot Games)

Annie is a young girl roaming the wild frontiers of her homeland after tragedy befell her. Her only companion? Tibbers, her stuffed bear. But why is she so attached to this stuffed toy and what does he mean to her? How come Annie, a small child, can survive in the wild?

Those are just some of the few questions which we will answer in our Annie Lore article today. Annie is one of the most well-known and beloved characters in League of Legends and she has a tragic backstory, like most of the champions who roam Summoner’s Rift.

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Who is Annie according to LoL Lore?

Annie, as mentioned, is a young girl. She is the daughter of Gregori the Gray and his wife Amoline, a witch. The couple left the Noxian capital to settle up north in a peaceful part of Noxus. On their travels to their new home, tales of the bears which once roamed the region fascinated Amoline.

Once they settled into their home, Amoline began to sew one of those bears that she had heard about. By this point, she was heavily pregnant and would give the doll to her child once born. Then, when she sewed on the last button eye, she went into labor.

From the moment Annie was born she loved the stuffed bear and as she grew she always wanted to play with him. He was her best friend and her favorite toy.

Then, when Annie was a small toddler, she fell ill alongside her father. Her temperature rose and Amoline got so worried that she left within the night to fetch icy cold water from the river. She never returned.

Annie Lore
Annie and Tibbers after a blazing fire. (Credit: Riot Games)

The champion lore states that Gregori awoke from his sickness and Annie also recovered. The young toddler kept wishing and hoping that her mother would return someday. She waited and sat by her mother's favorite spot, never giving up hope to see her mother once more.

Years passed, and more settlers moved into their quaint quarter of Noxus. One of those settlers was Leanna, a single mother seeking a new life outside the Capital – a life with Annie's widowed father Gregori. By this point, Annie was spoiled from being an only child and had to learn to accept having a younger sister.

Often she would get into fights with her new step-sister, Daisy, her step-mother blaming Annie for any arguments. The woman was wary of Annie and her fiery and wild temperament whenever she grew angry, taking her own daughter's side whenever possible, leaving Gregori in the middle of it all.

Then, one day, while playing in the untamed borderlands, Daisy misstepped to her death and catastrophe hit the family once more. Enraged and saddened, Leanna blamed Annie for the death of her child and threatened to take Tibbers from her.

Tibbers was the last piece of her mother which Annie had left and, at the mere threat of being separated from him, she couldn’t hold back her rage and erupted. She released her latent pyromancy and the stuffed bear was brought to life amongst the flames.

Once the flames died down, Annie was left orphaned and alone. Since then, she wanders the frontier and her homeland, away from humans, believing them all to be like Leanna. It is stated in her champion lore that she wanders the woods of Noxus, oblivious to the dangers, protected by Tibbers, and unaware of her own strength… merely looking for someone to play with her.

How did Annie Get her Powers According to her Lore?

Since Annie is the daughter of a grey witch and a cabal warlock, Annie was destined to have great magical strength. Though at first, it was dormant, through the rage which she felt when her stuffed bear was threatened, Annie managed to tap into her magic and use it for the first time.

Her heritage and bloodline gave her immense strength and magical ability, though now she roams Noxus, unable to fully control her strength.

How Old is Annie According to her Lore?

She is around 8-years-old in her lore. In the FrankenTibbers Annie skin her age is stated. The skin uses the same age as her original character model. Therefore, we can deduct that Annie is still 8-years-old in her character lore as well.

How did Annie’s Mother Die?

It is believed that Annie’s mother drowned in the river when she tried to draw water from it. It isn’t stated in the champion lore directly, but we know that in Annie’s Origin movie she was playing with her step-sister Daisy by a river. As the two young girls were playing, Daisy ran after a pixie only to slip and fall into the current of the river, drowning.

Since this is supposed to be the only river by the colony, it could be possible that Annie’s mother met the same fate the evening she’d gone out to fetch water for her sickly husband and child.

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