LoL Lore: The Story of Ashe, The Frost Archer

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Is Ashe really Avarosa? (Credit: Riot Games)

Ashe is one of the most well-known champions in League of Legends. She is an ADC that never seems to go out of style on Summoner’s Rift and is one of the starter champions available to new players, making her one of the most popular as well.

But who is Ashe according to her champion lore? What brought her to fight on Summoner’s Rift? Let’s take a look at Ashe’s lore and where she came from.

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Who is Ashe According to LoL Lore?

Ashe was the daughter of Grena, the matriarchal chieftain of a northern tribe from the Freljord. She was an Iceborn with the ability to wield True Ice and most of her clansmen believed Ashe to follow in her mother's footsteps to become their next leader, though this wasn’t what Ashe had hoped for herself.

As she grew up she befriended Sejuani, another Iceborn girl from a sister tribe. The two grew up together, forging a deep friendship. Though in their teen years, they were ripped from one another after Grena offended Sejuani’s grandmother and the friendship between the tribes ended.

Grena, growing older each day, made it her life mission to find the “Throne of Avarosa”. She believed that finding this treasure would bring her tribe to greatness. The search for these riches though was dangerous ,and Grena forced her tribe into difficult confrontations constantly.

Statue of Avarosa LoL Lore Ashe
The statue of Avarosa overlooking Rakelstake (Credit: Riot Games)

Eventually, during a dangerous and unnecessary raid, Grena died, and according to the champion lore, leaving Ashe on the run while most of their tribe was wiped out in retaliation to the raid. Ashe – not knowing where to go – fled to a deserted glacier where the tomb of Avarosa supposedly stood.

There, Ashe found her magical bow of True Ice.

Ashe used the bow to exact revenge upon the tribe that killed her mother before turning west. As she wandered the Freljord, she made it her mission to protect the smaller tribes scattered throughout. She adopted the tribes to form her own.

As stories of Ashe spread, many believed her to be the reincarnation of Avarosa herself, here to unite the Freljord once more. Ashe used these stories to her advantage, gaining allies of larger and stronger tribes down south as well.

But as she gained more alliances, she also realized what a dangerous political game she was playing. She had to keep all allies from turning on one another – thus, she had to make hard decisions to keep conflict from arising.

Now Ashe stands as the leader of a fragile Freljordian coalition. The unity rests upon shaky alliances and throughout it all, Ashe has to pretend to believe that she is Avarosa, to keep the ruse afloat.

Are Ashe and Tryndamere Married According to LoL Lore?

Ashe and Tryndamere are Bloodsworn, which refers to a political marriage. Since Ashe is a Warmother – as Freljordian tribal leaders are known – she is expected to take a husband. According to her champion Lore, she couldn’t take any of the men of the large tribes she’d allied with due to the tension between them all.

Therefore, Ashe decided to wed Tryndamere, who was from a small mountain tribe. He would be her first and only Bloodsworn and eventually, the two would also be attracted to one another. What had started off as a political marriage, blossomed into something more.

Are Ashe and Sejuani Sisters According to LoL Lore?

According to the LoL Lore Ashe and Sejuani are not sisters. The two grew up close since their Freljordian tribes were initially sister tribes, but eventually grew apart after relations soured between the tribes. Both cherished their friendship deeply and at one point and time, Sejuani was Ashe’s closest confidant.

Is Ashe a Queen According to Her Champion Lore?

Ashe is not a queen, but a Warmother. She is the leader of her tribe. Her mother was also the chieftain of her tribe beforehand, hoping for Ashe to follow in her footsteps. At first, Ashe didn't want to become a chief herself, but after her mother's death, she went west, forming her own tribe.

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