LoL Lore: The Story of Bard, The Wandering Caretaker

Bard Lore LoL
Probably the most unique LoL Champion concept. (Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends has so many unique champions, but none reach the heights of Bard. He is one of the most interesting and out-of-this-world characters within the whole LoL universe and today we’re going to be taking a deep dive into his champion lore.

Who is Bard and what makes him such a unique champion and character? What even is Bard and will he ever speak? So many questions… let’s hope we can find some answers in his champion lore as to who this meep-loving champion truly is.

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Who is Bard According to LoL Lore?

Bard is a celestial being that came to Runeterra after hearing its unique song. But before we get to Bard's arrival in Runeterra, we need to figure out what Bard really is. Like Aurelion Sol, Bard is an ancient celestial being, but unlike Aurelion Sol, Bard doesn’t see the beauty of the world, but hears it.

He used to wander the vast silence of the cosmos until the first stars were forged. Their existence broke the silence of the cosmos and brought the first notes with them. Bard traveled between the stars, even incomplete ones, picking up residual motes of energy – Meeps.

Bard continued to scour the universe, searching and listening, until one day, he heard an incomplete and off tune. He searched everywhere, his Meeps showing him the way, until he found a world with its own song – Runeterra.

Unknown magic drove the music of Runeterra. It was primitive and chaotic, but Bard found inherent beauty within it. He wanted to enjoy it, but couldn’t, due to the destructive forces which seemed to be emitted by the music. Not only did it seem like it was a danger to Runeterra itself, but to the whole universe.

Bard had to do something. He and his Meeps touched down in the physical realm of Runeterra. He landed in Ionia, taking a whole new shape and using what he had around himself to create a physical form. He topped his look off with a mask with three holes.

Bard Mobility Exploration LoL Lore
Bard concept art of his exploring Runeterra. (Credit: Riot Games)

Bard began to wander Runeterra, surprising and delighting those he encountered on his journey. During his travels, Bard realized that another power was at work in Runeterra, one he didn’t recognize, but knew had to be stopped.

Thus, to keep Celestia and the universe safe, Bard became the caretaker of the universe, retrieving anything out of place and bringing it to a place where it could do no harm. This way, Bard could protect the world from what lies beyond it.

Is Bard a God According to LoL Lore?

Bard is not a god, but a celestial being. He is ancient, much like Aurelion Sol, and has god-like abilities. According to his champion lore, he is able to sense the future, knowing that there is a great war approaching Runeterra.

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Though many believe that he is one of the strongest beings in all of League of Legends Lore. Hence, why he is able to save the universe. Due to his strength, he does seem like a god. Especially in his champion trailer, we can see him retrieve the stone while watching the village get completely destroyed. Why? Because the squabbles of humanity are not his concerns, for Bard is the caretaker of the universe, rather than just humanity.

What are Meeps According to LoL Lore?

Meeps are semitonal, incomplete motes of energy that were left over after the birth of a star. When a star is born, some debris is leftover, but nobody can see these invisible extras. Since Bard relies on sound, he can see these Meeps and takes them in to travel the universe with him.

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