LoL Lore: The Story of Brand, the Burning Vengeance

LoL Lore Brand
Brand was once a human by the name of Kegan Rhode. | © Riot Games

Brand is one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends. He has been part of the game since 2011. His unique, fiery playstyle sets him apart from other League of Legends champions, but what motivates him to fight on Summoner’s Rift? Let’s check out his champion lore!

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore,and other Riot games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

Brand is from the Freljord according to his champion lore. So are these Champions:

Who is Brand According to LoL Lore?

Brand was born to a healer mother in a small town in the Freljord. Due to his father being an enemy reaver, he and his mother were shunned by the villagers, Brand – then known as Kegan Rhode – grew up alone without any friends.

His resentment towards the villagers grew as he got older, often erupting in violent manners. His mother worked diligently, healing and helping the villagers, but never receiving anything in return from them.

Eventually, Kegan’s mother died and as he spread her ashes, he thought about everyone she’d healed over the years – none of whom came to pay their respects to her. Thus, he made the decision to leave the village, but not before exacting his revenge. Before leaving, he burnt down the whole town.

He then wandered the frozen tundra of the Freljord, looking for a reason to continue to live – a friend. He didn’t encounter anyone though and found his way to a cave, destined to freeze to death and die. But before that could happen, a mage by the name of Ryze stumbled upon him, and took him in as an apprentice.

Kegan had wayward and wild magic which was hard to control, and Ryze’s efforts to teach him patience were for naught. Also, Ryze had a more important goal than to instruct his pupil, for he continuously searched for the World Runes – objects which were the source of all magic in Runeterra.

LoL Lore Brand: World Runes
Who knew that even runes had LoL Lore? | © Riot Games

Kegan tracked down one such fragment. Once faced with it, greed overtook him, and he was consumed by the magic of the World Rune. It ripped at his human form, a new vengeful shape of fire and fury coming to life – Brand.

Brand cursed everyone, even his former master and friend, searching on his own for further rune fragments to become even stronger. Since his rebirth as Brand, he has lived an anarchic, wildfire existence, searching for more power.

Are Brand and Ryze Related According to LoL Lore?

They are not related by blood. But after the death of his mother, Brand went to search for his father. This search was fruitless though, and Brand was on the brink of death when Ryze had found him, half-frozen in a cave in the Freljord, taking him in as an apprentice.

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The two were close, with Ryze teaching Brand about magic. In Brand’s lore, it is even stated that the two were friends, something Brand had been searching for his whole life.

LoL Lore: Burning Lands Comic
A snapshot of the comic written by Anthony Reynolds and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and drawn by Richard Isanove. | © Riot Games

Who Made Brand According to LoL Lore?

According to his champion lore, Brand was a normal human by the name of Kegan Rhode. He was a mage apprentice to Ryze, but upon seeing a fragment of a World Rune, greed overtook him and as he tried to keep all the magical power to himself he lost his humanity and became Brand.

What are World Runes According to LoL Lore?

World Runes are magical artifacts that were discovered centuries ago. Many tried to study their origin and power, but failed. Some believe the World Runes to be an integral part of the creation of Runeterra itself.

Attempts at using these artifacts ended in disaster, whole new landscapes being sculpted and destroyed. Those who knew of the power of the runes tried to hide them, afraid that their power would be misused for war and thus the Rune Wars began.

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