LoL Lore: The Story of Camille, the Steel Shadow

Camille Guide
Camille is all about family. | © Riot Games

Camille is one of the best top laners in League of Legends. She is able to close gaps thanks to her hooks and has a lot of true damage in her kit as well, but how come she is such a powerful champion? Her champion lore will make all that clear.

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore, and other Riot games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

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Who is Camille According to LoL Lore?

Camille is part of the Clan Ferros. A powerful family who deal with synthetic crystals, after realizing that hextech crystals from the Brackern were a limited resource. The clan lived by one motto: “For Family I will Give”.

Synthetic crystal manufacturing was a shady business and many believed it to contribute to the Zaun Gray. Hence, to keep their monopoly in check, Clan Ferros had to work with intimidation, murder and espionage.

As the eldest daughter, Camille learned the trade as a young child and also became the family’s intelligence agent. Originally part of the responsibility was meant for one of her younger siblings, but her brother, Stevan, had a weak constitution. Therefore, Camille had to also take on combat, reconnaissance and interrogation training.

Piltover workshop LoL Lore
Piltover workshops. | © Riot Games

When Camille was 25, augmented Zaunite thugs attacked her and her father, wanting to steal trade secrets. He succumbed to his wounds, and Camille’s mother died soon after out of grief. Stevan became the clan leader.

He doubled down on hextech augmentation research. He hired Hakim Naderi, a crystallographer from Shurima. Camille also requested more hextech augmentation to push her beyond her limits.

She grew close with Hakim, and soon they fell in love. The final project of the crystallographer was to install an augmented crystal heart within Camille. He feared that by doing so she would lose her humanity and for the first time in Camille’s life she was torn between her family duty and her own feelings.

Hextech inventions Camille Lore
Hextech inventions helped Piltover flourish. | © Riot Games

Stevan noticed this and knew he needed Camille on his side, so he decided that the next time she was with Hakim, he would fake an attack by Zaunite thugs and Camille would have to make the decision – love or family. Of course, on the night, Camille chose her family and told Hakim that the operation had to move on and that she needed the hextech core.

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Hakim was the only person who could safely do such a procedure and once he finished, he left and Camille woke up to an empty laboratory. In the years that followed, she augmented more of her body – bladed legs, grapple-spindled-hips. She was more machine than human.

But Camille stopped aging thanks to the augmentations, while her brother grew old. Now, Camille’s favorite grand-niece is Clan Ferros’ master, while Camille deals with the clans' more difficult problems.

Is Camille Human According to LoL Lore?

Camille is human, but she has augmented her body through various procedures to become stronger. She does not have a human heart anymore, instead, it was replaced by a crystal in her lore.

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She was born a human and has slowly become a cyborg of sorts with various augmentations done to her. Therefore, when looking through her champion lore, we can guess that she was once completely human, but now is a cyborg of sorts.

What Are Hextech Crystals According to LoL Lore?

Hextech crystals are the namestones of the Brackern, which they use to record their lives and histories and then pass on to other Brackern once they die. These crystals hold power which researchers of Piltover discovered and use to fuel their inventions and other mechanical structures.

According to LoL Lore, most of the Brackern have been wiped out, with Skarner on a lone mission to find the missing crystals and return them home to the desert of Shurima.

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