LoL Lore: The Story of Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Cassiopeia LoL Lore
Who is this Medusa-like champion? | © Riot Games

Greek mythology meets League of Legends in Cassiopeia’s lore. Who does this champion remind you of? The Gorgons, which were snake-like women whose gazes could petrify enemies. Of course, it’s all part of Medusa’s mythology, and that is exactly who Cassiopeia reminds us of.

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore, and other Riot games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

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Who is Cassiopeia According to LoL Lore?

Cassiopeia is the youngest child of General Du Couteau of Noxia. As she grew up, her father took her older sister Katarina under his wing, while she would follow in her mothers' footsteps.

Her father was a war hero and helped with the Noxian expansion into Shurima, eventually moving his family to a small coastal town of Urzeris. There, Cassiopeia continued to learn from her mother, until one day she collapsed.

Someone had poisoned Cassiopeia's mother and her father quickly removed all the household staff, leaving the family alone in Urzeris. Cassiopeia didn’t leave her mother's side, their bond growing stronger. Eventually, General Du Couteau was called back to Noxia to help with the Ionian invasion, taking his daughter Katarina with him and leaving Cassiopeia alone with her mother.

Ruins of Shurima LoL Lore Cassio
Ruins of Shurima. | © Riot Games

It was then that Cassiopeia learned the truth about her mother. She was part of the Black Rose, a clandestine and secretive cabal. Cassiopeia grew up and was initiated into the Black Rose after tracking down the ones who had poisoned her mother.

Cassiopeia learned of the Black Rose’s deeper plans for Shurima once she was initiated and, alongside a mercenary named Sivir, she raided various temples. This didn’t last long, for word quickly spread of a Noxian coup by Jericho Swain. A coup that General Du Couteau honored.

Cassiopeia’s mother was outraged and feared for the Black Rose and their operation. She urged Cassiopeia to find the godlike power which had led to the supremacy of Shurima all those years ago.

Cassiopeia LoL Lore
Cassiopeia embracing her new look. | © Riot Games

Cassiopeia set out with her crew and eventually found an old tomb of a mythical Ascended. She wanted to keep the power within for herself. Sivir was her first victim, but before Cassiopeia could continue her mutiny to gain all power for herself, a stone tomb guardian attacked her, burying its fangs in her flesh and poising Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia was carried back home by her hired soldiers, and she spent weeks within the confined fighting the poison, as she slowly transformed. Gone was the beautiful young woman she’d once been, replaced by a monstrous, slithering creature.

Now she embraces her transformation. This power wasn’t the one she’d hoped for when she set out to find the god-like strength of the Ascended, but she would use her new form for the Black Rose and the plans her mother had made.

Medusa's Head. LoL Lore Cassiopeia
The Head of Medusa, painted by Peter Paul Rubens. | © Leemage/Corbis/Getty Images

How did Cassiopeia Turn into a Snake According to LoL Lore?

According to her champion lore, she turned into a snake-like being by entering a lost tomb of an old Shuriman Ascended. She wanted to gain the power which was stored within, but was bitten by one of the tomb guards, injecting venom into her which would change her shape.

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Once the transformation was complete, Cassiopeia lost her youthful look and turned into a snake-like being. This story is eerily similar to that of Medusa, who was once thought to be a beautiful young woman before she turned into a Gorgon.

Are Katarina and Cassiopeia Sisters According to LoL Lore?

Katarina and Cassiopeia are sisters according to their champion lore. Katarina is the older sister and was trained directly by their father, excelling in combat, while Cassiopeia was taken under their mothers' tutelage from a young age on.

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