LoL Lore: The Story of Corki, the Daring Bomber

Corki Lore
Let's take a look at Corki and his lore! | © Riot Games

In this LoL Lore installment, we are going to be looking at Corki, one of the few Yordle champions we have in League of Legends. He sits in his plane and flies over Runeterra, showing off his aerial skill. But what else is behind this mysterious character?

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore, and other Riot games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

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Who is Corki According to LoL Lore?

Corki is a Yordle who migrated to Piltover and Zaun along with other Yordles like Heimerdinger. He is the most renowned member of the Screaming Yipsnakes Squadron, a squad of fighter pilots.

He would always volunteer for even the most dangerous missions, which brought him behind enemy lines to gather information or delivering messages into hot zones. Through his heroics, he became known as one of the best pilots.

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Not only is he a genius pilot, but according to his champion lore, Corki is also a great mechanic and enjoys tinkering with his copter to make improvements on it. Adding an arsenal of weapons, that some speculate are more for show than functionality, is a piece of cake for this Yordle.

Since the open hostilities ceased, Corki has been forced into retirement. Canyon flying and other stunts just don’t bring him the same joy as the call of war, though…

What are Yordles According to LoL Lore?

Yordles are magical creatures that come from Bandle City in the magical realm. They are able to portal to the physical realm with hidden Yordle Portals. In the short video ‘Don’t Mess with Yordles’, you can clearly see how the portals work.

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Yordles are also able to use magic to distort their image, since people from the physical realm shouldn't know of their existence, therefore, with their powers, they can change their perceived appearance. Only those who know of the existence of Yordles aren’t affected.

What is Corki’s Helicopter Called According to LoL Lore?

Corki’s helicopter is called the Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter, according to the League of Legends lore. This is perfect, since it spells out ROFL Copter and at the time when Corki was released – back in 2009 – this was a normal saying amongst teens.

So even though the joke might be a bit outdated, for older League of Legends players, this will still make them chuckle from time to time. Thanks, Riot.

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