LoL Lore: The Story of Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana Lore
Who is Diana according to her champion Lore? | ©Riot Games

In this Lore article we take a look at Diana, Aspect, Chosen of the Moon and leader of the Lunari. Diana's story is a tragedy of misunderstanding, the loss of friendship and love, but also of hatred. Are the Lunari the good ones after all?

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore, and other Riot Games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

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Who is Diana According to LoL Lore?

A group of Solari hunters found Diana wrapped among her frostbitten parents on the most powerful mountain in Runeterra, Targon. She did not belong in this world, but the hunters brought her to their temple, consecrated her, and raised her as a member of the Tribes of the Last Sun, also known as the Rakkor.

Like other followers of the Solari faith, she had to undergo rigorous physical and religious training. But unlike others, Diana was determined to understand why the Solari followed their traditions and what the reasons were for their beliefs. During the night, Diana read books in the moonlight about the origin and history of the Solari. She noticed that whole chapters were torn out and all the writings and tales about the moon were missing. She approached the scholars about it, but they forced her to just be obedient. Her classmates also distanced themselves from her.

In those years of confusion, frustration and isolation, there was only one light in the dark: Leona. She was the only one who discussed the subject with Diana, and even though they always disagreed, a deep friendship developed between the two.

Leona Diana Love
This could be more than a friendship... | © Riot Games

One day, in a hidden room, Diana discovered depictions of the sun, soldiers clad in gold next to silver-armored warriors, and corresponding images of the moon on top of Targon's highest peak. Diana was delighted and hurried back to Leona to share this new discovery with her: The sun and moon were not enemies after all! But Leona did not share her joy. She urged Diana to banish these heretical thoughts from her mind and warned her of the punishments such theories could bring. What were the Solari hiding?

Not knowing how to help herself, Diana knew only one place that could answer her questions - the peak of Targon. At the peak, the brightest full moon she had ever seen greeted her. After a moment of rapture, a column of moonlight crashed into Diana. Diana realized this presence could only be one of the legendary Aspects... and she had been chosen as its host. As the light faded, her spirit once again belonged to herself. Diana was clad in armor, holding a sickle blade, and her once dark hair now shone silver. She turned around and saw that she had company - Leona was standing next to her. She, too, wore a shining golden armor and held a shield as bright as the morning and a sword in her hand. Diana was overjoyed to share this seminal moment with her friend, but Leona just wanted to return to the Solari quickly. Diana begged her to stay. She was eager to face this new future together. Leona refused, and a titanic battle between Moonlight and Sunfire ensued.

Leona Diana Targon
Fight between Diana and Leona. | © Riot Games

The trip to the summit had confirmed her questions of the teachings of Solari. It was time to confront them with their assumptions. They listened to her with growing horror as she told of the Lunari, before declaring her a heretic, blasphemer, and follower of false gods. Fury rose in Diana, which the aspect within her intensified until it burst out of her in a devastating explosion of moonlight. She left the temple - nothing but dead behind her.

Since then, Diana has clung to the only truth she is certain of: Lunari and Solari do not have to be enemies and there is a destiny waiting for her. Diana will fight for peace between Lunari and Solari, no matter the cost.

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Are Diana and the Lunari Evil?

Diana is the Aspect Host of the Moon and the leading figure of the Lunari. A famous warrior of the Lunari is Aphelios. He killed many Solari soldiers in the War for Freedom. All that the Lunari do, is escape their oppression. The Solari and Leona, aspect of the Sun, believe in the supremacy and goodness of the Tagziklu and its power. The Lunari and Diana, on the other hand, doubt the meaningfulness of the belief in the Sun and devote themselves to the Moon.

Diana also still hasn't gotten over the separation from Leona. She longingly tries to unite the two religions to be with her again. So it's actually the Solari that can be considered evil, not the Lunari.

Are Diana and Leona Canon?

During development, Diana was created to be a lesbian as a challenge to orthodoxy of the Solari. Riot Games has also officially confirmed that Diana's relationship with Leona was a love story. Diana is also said to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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