LoL Lore: The Story of Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Dr. Mundo LoL Lore
The Madman of Zaun has made an appearance – you better run or become one of his patients. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has multiple crazy characters judging by their champion lore. Jinx and Kled come to mind when thinking of those who have gone insane, but one champion ranks above them all, one champion is more insane than all of them and that is the Madman of Zaun himself – Dr. Mundo.

Every League of Legends champion has their place in Runeterra, the home of those fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Through their in-game voice lines, champion lore, and other Riot Games like Legends of Runeterra, we get a closer look into who these champions are and what motivates them to battle.

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Who is Dr. Mundo According to LoL Lore?

Dr. Mundo was once a great enforcer for one of the most powerful chem barons of Zaun. Even though he worked as an enforcer, intimidating and frightening anyone in his way, he was also a sociable and good-natured man.

Unbeknownst, though, he stepped on the wrong toes and ended up being thrown into Osweld Asylum. The chem baron wanted to make an example of the underling. Osweld Asylum was known for its bad treatment of patients and the enforcer was subjugated to constant torture.

Unknown medicine was injected, lobes were removed, experimental treatments were tried on the enforcer for months. So much was done, that the man began to change, muscles bulging bigger and bigger. The biggest toll, though? His mental state deteriorated.

Zaun depths
The Depths of Zaun. | © Riot Games

He lost all memory of his past life and struggled to understand why he was at the asylum, until one day, he looked down at his old restraining jacket. He regarded the white coat, misread the words and assumed a new identity, befitting of his job at the asylum – for the enforcer now became Dr. Mundo and everyone at the institution was his patient.

The day came when the chem baron, who had imprisoned Mundo at the asylum, came back to pick him up. He walked in to find no one. No nurse, no doctor and no patients could be found. He followed an eerie sound to the back room and what he found was shocking.

A hulking purple monster stood in the room, bone saw in hand, with bodies littering the floor around him. The chem baron realized that the beast before him had once been his own enforcer.

Zaun underground
Dr. Mundo hails from the underground of Zaun. | © Riot Games

Mundo didn’t recognize the chem baron as his former employer. Instead, he only saw a new patient. He blundered forward, ready to capture his next patient, only to be shot in the arm by the chem baron. The wound quickly healed and Dr. Mundo captured his next patient, ripping into him with his cleaver.

Sadly, Dr. Mundo couldn’t save his patient, but he knew he did his best. He wandered out of the asylum, knowing that there were thousands more to be cured in Zaun.

Is Dr. Mundo a Doctor According to his Lore?

Dr. Mundo never went to medical school, if that’s what you’re wondering. No, Dr. Mundo is not a real doctor, but a doctor in his own twisted mind. His champion lore states that he was tortured and used as a lab rat until his mental state deteriorated to the point where he created his own persona – that of a doctor.

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The only life he could remember is that at the asylum, and therefore, assumed the role of a doctor in his own mind. He is not a real doctor, but believes himself to be one and wants to go around Zaun ‘curing’ patients. All the while he is doing that which had been done to him at the asylum – torture.

Why is Dr. Mundo a Doctor According to LoL Lore?

According to his champion lore, Dr. Mundo was tortured so badly that he forgot who he was. He had to undergo constant experiments, had pieces of his body removed and was injected with unknown substances. All this took a mental toll on him, and he forgot his old life and created a new personality.

Since his mental health had deteriorated to such a point, the only ‘job’ he knew of was that of a doctor, so he assumed the role of one. He also misread the name on his restraint jacket, which is where the name Mundo comes from. Thus, according to his champion lore, he became Dr. Mundo.

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