LoL Lore: Welcome to Runeterra

Runeterra Map
This is Runeterra... what a beauty (Credit: Riot Games)

League of Legends is more than just the world which players experience on Summoner’s Rift. So for anyone wondering if this huge MOBA has lore: yes, League of Legends has lore and lots of it! Come on… there has to be a reason these champions duke it out on the rift, right?

This is why we have decided to go over the lore which is present in League of Legends so that players can understand their favorite champions better. But before we begin with each champion, we also have to understand the LoL lore behind the world of Runeterra.

What is Runeterra in LoL Lore?

Runeterra is the fictional world where most of the League of Legends champions we like to play come from. It consists of a physical realm as well as a spirit realm. Within Runeterra, there are multiple Regions, which fight wars amongst one another or try to live in peace.

There are also areas of Runeterra which cannot be seen on a map, such as Bandle City, which is where Yordles come from. They live in the magical realm and portal to-and-from the physical realm however they please.

Runeterra is a large world with various continents, regions and cities.

What Are The Regions We Know of From The LoL Lore?

There are thirteen known regions spread out over Runeterra. Most of the Regions are in either Valoran or Shurima, the two main continents of Runeterra. There are also multiple other islands that also inhabit some of our favorite LoL champions.

The northern continent is called Valoran, while the southern continent is called Shurima. The two continents are connected by a man-made bridge, while to the east of the two continents are the Shadow Isles, Ionia and Bilgewater.

Valoran Regions:

  • Freljord
  • Demacia
  • Noxus
  • Piltover & Zaun

Shurima Regions:

  • Shurima
  • Targon
  • Ixtal
  • Piltover & Zaun

Other Regions:

  • Ionia
  • Bilgewater
  • Shadow Isles
  • Bandle City
  • The Void

Is Every LoL Champion from Runeterra?

No, there are champions that do not hail from Runeterra, but they are all connected to Runeterra in some way. Take Aurelion Sol – a celestial dragon of great power who was tricked into servitude by the Aspects of Targon. Through this struggle, even though Aurelion Sol is far from being Runeterran, he still fits into the world of Runeterra due to his champion lore.

There are countless Champions that do not come directly from Runeterra, but have become part of the universe in which the story of the LoL champions plays. There are so many areas to explore and so much lore to experience, this is just a small taste of what Runeterra has to offer.

We will be bringing out more LoL Lore in the coming weeks so stay tuned to learn more about Runeterra and your favorite lol champion lore.

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