LoL Lore: The Story of Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

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Ahri's lore is quite a mystery... who is this mysterious fox? (Credit: Riot Games)

Ahri, the nine-tailed fox is a vastayan fox who roams Runeterra in search of her memories and her clan. She can manipulate the emotions of mortals and is able to shape magic into balls with which she fights, but who is Ahri, and where does she come from?

Those are key questions, and we will take a dive to try and figure out who this mysterious fox really is.

Who is Ahri According to LoL Lore?

Ahri is a mystery even to herself. She has no recollection or memories of her past and where she came from. She doesn’t know anything about her vastayan tribe – she only has two gemstones left from them – but other than that she doesn’t know where she comes from.

She grew up with ice foxes in Shon-Xan, the northern reaches of Ionia. Living with the pack, Ahri had to teach herself how to manipulate and use the magic of the world around her. Often times, she would use it to calm down prey while they were hunting and killing it.

Ahri strayed away from mortals, especially humans. One day, a group of hunters camped near the pack and Ahri decided to watch them from afar. When one of the hunters got injured, Ahri could feel the life slowly fading away. She felt his spirit essence leave him and absorbed it. By absorbing his life flow, she gained some memories of his past and felt his emotions. She manipulated them from fear to joy, giving the man one last fleeting moment of happiness before he died.

Afterward, Ahri was able to pick up the human tongue and with it, she knew she had to leave her pack. She stayed by the fringes of society, her predatory nature still part of her, as she continued to look for victims from whom she can absorb their life essence.

She became obsessed with the emotions and memories of humans, which she absorbed through their life force. The life of her victims gave her strength, but also gave her insights into new feelings she’d never been able to experience before; hurt, anger, love.

Through these, she was also able to gain more insight into the Vastaya and the tribes, making her curious about her own background. She set out to find the rebellion which was trying to reestablish the Vastaya to their former glory, hopeful to find out more about her origins. With only the gems as a clue, she set out to find her lost tribe.

Vastayan Tribes LoL Lore
An overview of different Vastaya tribes (Credit: Riot Games)

Who are the Vastaya according to LoL Lore?

The Vastayan are a chimeric race of Runeterra. They descended from mortals who called upon powers from the spirit realm to win a war against the titans and thus becoming the Vastayashai’rei — deathless shapechangers who could wield the natural world itself as a weapon.

The Vastaya live in Ionia, attuned to the surrounding magic. Different Vastaya formed their own tribes, not interacting with one another. That is until recent times, when the disturbance of humans has changed a flow within the magic of the world, and thus creating conflict between the Vastayan tribes.

Vastayan’s look like human and animal hybrids, with some having more human features, while others have more animal features. This all depends on where and which clans they grew up with.

Vastaya LoL Lore
Vastayan scouts looking out over humans during the Noxian invasion (Credit: Riot Games)

Are there more Vastayan Champions in LoL?

Yes, there are multiple Vastaya champions in League of Legends. The most well-known are probably Xayah and Rakan who are Lhotlan, an avian Vastayan tribe. Nami is also a Marai, a fish-like Vastaya tribe.

Sett is a Vastaya and human hybrid, between a Vastayan mother and a human father, making him quite unique since neither species would accept such a hybrid being. Of course, there are also multiple other Vastaya like Rengar, Wukong and even Neeko.

Are there more Vastayan Champions to be Released?

There could definitely be more Vastaya champions on their way to League of Legends. Since there are multiple tribes that haven’t been addressed yet, Riot has multiple options of creating champions from those tribes. For example, in Ahri’s short story ‘A Fair Trade’ there are mentions of tribes with feline ears and even tribes with furry necks.

Maybe once we’ve finished learning more about the Ruined King we get to explore more of the Vastayan races in coming years.

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