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MSI 2021
MSI 2021 is going to kick off soon (Credit: Riot Games)

Over the weekend, the LCK, LEC and LCS crowned their MSI representatives in exciting matches. For the first time since the inception of the EULCS/LEC neither Fnatic nor G2 will be heading to the Mid Season Invitational, after G2 lost to Rogue in the LEC Semi-Finals.

What is the Mid Season Invitational?

The Mid-Season Invitational, also known as MSI, is the biggest mid-season tournament in League of Legends. It brings together the spring champions from every major and minor League of Legends region in a tournament.

In previous years, there was always a play-in phase, in which the minor region champions competed for a spot in the group stage, but this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament will include every region right off the bat.

MSI 2021 Groups
Is your region making it out of groups? (Credit: Riot Games)

When and where is MSI?

MSI will be taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland. This will be the first offline tournament since the 2020 World Championship, though no fans will be allowed in attendance. Teams must quarantine in Iceland two weeks before the beginning of the tournament to conform with COVID-19 restrictions.

The tournament is going to be held at Laugardalshöll in Reykjavik, an indoor sporting arena. The event is going to start on the 6th of May and will conclude the 22nd.

Who is competing at MSI?

Not all regions have concluded thus far, but a few teams are already set to compete at the tournament. Over the weekend, the LCK and the LEC crowned their spring champions.

Damwon KIA, managed to overpower Gen. G who had looked dominant against T1 in their semi-finals match. The reigning world champions were too strong though and managed to take the LCK final in dominant fashion 3 - 0.

The LEC had a much more exciting final, the series going the full 5 games until the European champion was crowned. The MAD Lions became the new kings of Europe as they reverse swept Rogue for an exciting final match. Humanoid and co. are the first team other than Fnatic or G2 to represent Europe at MSI.

Perkz, previous bot laner of G2 and now mid laner of Cloud 9 in the LCS, also managed to move onto the international tournament after beating Team Liquid in a 5-game fiasco. Cloud 9 has been one of the best LCS teams and fans of the region see a glimmer of hope at the end of the dark international tournament tunnel.

The LPL is still underway, with FPX having beaten EDG in a nail-biter to make it into the finals this coming Saturday. Tomorrow, at 11 AM CEST EDG will take on RNG – a LPL classic – to see who is going to take on the 2019 World Champions for a chance to represent China in Reykjavik.

What is new at MSI this year?

After the tournament concludes, the final 2021 power rankings will be calculated and the league which has the highest ranking, will be rewarded with an extra slot at the 2021 World Championship, which is due to take place in October in China once more.

If the team from the best region also wins MSI, then the extra slot will drop to the second best league instead.

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