The Madman of Zaun: Dr. Mundo Champion Guide

Dr. Mundo Rework Champion Guide graphic
Mundo is back on the rift!

In our Champion Guide Series we present the most important mechanics and play styles for all the League Of Legends champions to you. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds.

This week we're going to be taking a look at Dr. Mundo, who is back on Summoner's Rift after getting a complete overhaul in his Champion Rework. He joins Aatrox in the top lane or even Kindred in the jungle – depending on where you want to play him. Of course, you can also try him out as a Support like Lux.

Dr. Mundo was a pretty simple and boring champion before his rework. If his ultimate was up, he simply clicked R and then dove into the fray or under tower. If he didn't have his ultimate, he threw cleavers to annoy opponents. Simple as that. Thankfully, Riot decided not to change Mundo too much, so his playstyle hasn't drastically changed, which also means this Dr. Mundo champion guide is going to be a short one.

Mundo Champion Guide: What Can The New Dr. Mundo Do?

Dr. Mundo is a tank who basically just wants to run it down. We're going to be taking a look at jungle Mundo specifically in our Dr. Mundo guide, since that's where he seems to thrive the most with the best win rates.

His rework is all about Mundo going low health and then dealing more damage. Not to mention his reworked E is perfect for the jungle clear!

Dr. Mundos' Jungle Clear

Mundo, unlike other meta junglers like Xin Zhao and Fiddlesticks, isn't the quickest champion to start ganking lanes. Though, thanks to his reworked E ability, he can full clear his jungle by 3:15 or 3:20. Then, at level 4, it's time to contest the rift scuttler. His W also lets you pull Gromp and Blue Buff together to finish them off at the same time.

So, when you're stumbling through the flora and fauna of the jungle, make sure to line up those chickens and Krugs to utilize Dr. Mundo's reworked E, so you can haul one of their dead companions into the middle – kind of like Sion. If you're still confused, just watch the video on top, it'll explain all of Mundos' abilities to you, which every Mundo guide needs.

Use Mundos Max Tankiness

Now, if you want to really become a big beefy doctor, we do suggest leaving one of the items out from the infographic up top. Pick up Gargoyle's Stoneplate instead for that added HP, as well as the monumental shield. If you can then pop off and use your W, as well as your ultimate when you're extremely low – like on the brink of death low – then your opponents will legitimately have to try to kill you three times.

Dr. Mundo seems to be a cat with 9 lives thanks to his self-healing abilities, but to completely out-heal and out-sustain the enemy, make sure to use his passive and pick up those canisters when you're low on health! Seriously, you become unkillable, which is what Mundo wants, because Mundo goes where he pleases, when he pleases.

Hopefully, this Dr. Mundo Champion Guide helped you understand the doctor a little better. We also have more guides for you to help you become the ultimate mechanical god in League of Legends:

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