LoL: Nightbringer Tryndamere is Pay-To-Lose!

Nightbringer Tryndamere LoL Skin Pay to Lose
With that disadvantage, he can look as good as he wants. | © Riot Games

With LoL Worlds Patch 11.19 comes not only Vex, some champions also get Dawn- and Nightbringer skins. And crazy enough, one of them is pay to lose. How does that work in a game like League of Legends? Find out more about Nightmare Tryndamere here!

Most of you know by now that League of Legends has some skins that give you pay-to-win advantages. But why the hell should you spend money to have a clear disadvantage in-game afterwards? That's not possible, you think? It can't be? Yes it can! Nightbringer Tryndamere is exactly that.... What exactly makes the new Tryndamere skin pay to lose?

LoL: Nightbringer Tryndamere is Pay-To-Lose!

Yes, the skin looks incredible. The Nightbringer series is one of the most beautiful in the game anyway. But do you really want to take a disadvantage in-game for that? You can't expect anyone to do that, and the developers at Riot Games must have noticed that Nightbrigner Tryndamere is pay to lose...

Unlike the other skins, Nightbringer Tryndamere has a red circle running around him when he uses his ultimate. So everyone, really EVERYONE, can see to the millisecond when Tryn is killable again and gets a much better feeling for the time Tryn has left. Experienced players can even estimate how far the opponent Tryndamere can still go!

If that's not pay to lose, I don't know what is...

In this short video, you can see the skin and timer in action:

Will all Tryndamere Skins Get A Timer?

Now, the question all Tryn players are legitimately asking themselves is: Do all Tryn skins get the timer? By doing so, Riot Games would indirectly nerf the champion. Now that the developers have been made aware of the problem, there are only two possibilities:

  • Remove the timer from Nightbringer Tryndamere
  • Give all Tryndamere skins the same timer

Actually, only option 1 remains for them. Otherwise, Riot can expect a huge shitstorm... And nobody really wants that, do they?

Will Nightbringer Tryndamere remain pay to lose, or will Riot rethink the concept? We are curious and will keep you up to date on the development in this article.

  • Until then, just keep yourself busy with the highlight of LoL Patch 11.19: Vex.

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