LoL Patch 10.22: How Many More Times Must Samira Get Nerfed?

Poro Rider Sejuani
Sejuani...? Are you there haven't seen you on the Rift in a while! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yesterday we looked at the champions which would be changed with the upcoming Patch, made a few predictions about the adjustments, and Riot has quickly brought out the foreseen updates to champions for the final Patch of Season 10.

But to start off we will probably be able to get to update the skin closet of our champions with the upcoming patch. The K/DA skins have been revealed and will probably be available with Patch 10.22. Fans have been waiting for a K/DA comeback for two years and Riot is delivering.

LoL Zed
Zed has been one of the most consistent Champions over the last few patches (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Which Champions Are Getting Nerfed Though?

The Lulu toplane dream was a shortlived, but great dream. This was a pick which was rather slept on for quite a few patches. Lulu has amazing scaling as well as one of the most oppressive early games… and that’s with a support budget now imagine the damage she could deal by getting solo experience and gold in the toplane? Wonderful eh?

Well, Riot has decided to cut some of that menacing pressure down by reducing the damage output of her Q – Glitterlance. This will make her less oppressive in all stages of the game, but keep her as a solid support pick.

In the jungle, Karthus will have a bit of a harder time clearing camps due to the decrease in his Q – Lay Waste damage. This means he will deal less damage to isolated targets, which was what had made his clear so strong. We’re excited to see if this will have a big effect on the meta.

Zed, one of the strongest Midlaners over the last few patches, will also see one of his abilities cut. His solid early and mid-game, as well as ability to solo kill just about any lane opponents, have truly made him one of the strongest in milanders in soloqueue. His E – Shadow Slash will have its damage reduced from 70-170 to 70-150.

And who would have thought this? Samira getting a nerf? Impossible. Riot still seems to want to figure out just what to do with her and is making her just a little less threatening in the early game, so other marksmen can have a bit of a better time laning against her. Her base damage has been reduced from 59 to 57, which will bring down her lane presence immensely and her base armour is also reduced from 28 to 26 making her more susceptible to poke from opponents.

What Champions Will Be Seeing Buffs?

Annie has gotten some adjustments to make her feel like a true support. Her E – Molten Shield will now actually be a shield, rather than just damage reduction. This shield can also be placed on other champions around her. Though, the mana cost for the ability will go up we still think this is an improvement to her kit and will make her more viable.

LeBlanc is getting quite the buff. Her E – Ethereal Chains is getting its base damage as well as delayed damage increased which is going to feel great. The mana cost will also be lowered, so if you miss an E in the early game you won’t fall too far behind and can continue to clear waves and stack up so she can become as strong as other burst mages.

Nasus in the top lane has also gotten buffed with his ultimate giving him immediate resistance. Before, it sometimes felt like you popped your ultimate, only to die right after. This buff will let you sustain a little longer and will be felt especially in the early and mid-game, right after hitting level 6.

Xayah has also received a little love with an increase to her attack speed per level, which is now increased from 3.3% to 3.7%. Hopefully, she will make it out of the dumpster she’d been stuck in and be played a little more since she is one of the most interesting and fun ADCs, with great mobility.

The buff to Sejuani seems rather minimal, her ultimate dishing out more damage, but the cooldown is so long that it won’t have much of an effect on games. She will continue to be overshadowed by better junglers, such as Zac who are just more reliable in fights than her.

These are some of the changes coming up next week. Are you looking forward to the end of the Season? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! For more news regarding League of Legends, like Morello leaving Riot, make sure to check back to EarlyGame.