LoL Patch 10.22 Preview: The Last Patch of Season 10

Elderwood Leblanc
Leblanc will be getting some love this Patch! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s time for some new patch updates. Woohoo! Sadly, this is going to be the last update before the end of the season, so if you’re still trying to rank up it’s your time to take advantage of some of these buffs and changes before your rank is set into stone and you'll have to figure out a whole new item system.

We will be seeing changes to champions in various positions this time around to even out the playing field. Currently, the meta seems stable, according to Mark Yetter, Lead Game Designer at Riot, and they just want to give some champions underperforming a slight boost to give players even more options for the end of the season.

What Buffs Are We Getting?

The numbers aren't 100% out yet, but we do know which champions will be getting some love from Riot. One of the most needed buffs is the one which Xayah will receive. The Vastayan markswoman will hopefully get out of the basement with this buff since she has one of the worst win rates of any ADC and even though she has been quite popular since her release, she is barely seeing any playtime this time around.

Xayah is a mobile champion with great peel and counters champions like Zed and Vi. Hopefully, she will get a lowered cooldown to her ultimate or maybe some more power to her W – Deadly Plumage so she can push a little harder.

Another champion who is a fan-favorite but hasn’t seen much gameplay is LeBanc who is just outclassed and outscaled by other burst mages, such as Syndra and Fizz. They also have a far easier kit than she does. LeBlanc’s laning phase is abysmal and she can’t stand up to meta midlaners like Kassadin and Zed. We hope to see her early-game, as well as her late-game scaling, improved, so she can assassinate enemies from the sidelines once more.

Sejuani also has had quite a crisis lately. She is nothing more than a tanky meatball, and even that other jungle champions seem to be doing much better. Her damage output is weak and her cc isn’t as reliable as that of other champions, such as Zac or Rammus. We hope to see her gain a bit of damage output and some lower cooldowns so she can become a viable champion in the jungle once more.

Nasus and Brand will also see buffs with Nasus R bonus resists increasing from 15-55 to 40-70. He will no longer gain 1-3 resistance per second though to even out this increase. Brand will also become a bit stronger with damage increase to his passive, though his E range has been lowered as well to even out this change.

The Nerfs Are Coming!

Karthus has been a strong high elo pick for both Jungle and the mid lane (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The champion who is probably in dire need of this is Zed. He’s been at the top of the midlane listings since Patch 10.16! His scaling and damage output have been uncontested for a very long time. It’s time Riot takes a look at Zed and gives him a nerf before he becomes even more of an OP Champion in the preseason when the new items get put into the game and assassins will run rampant over Summoner’s Rift.

Lulu is one of the strongest support champions, But her lane presence and scaling also make her an incredible pick for solo lanes, especially the top lane. She can kite away from damage and she can poke anyone out of lane. Hopefully Riot keeps her scaling intact and only tackles her ability to pressure the lane in the early game, so we can continue to see her as a strong support pick even on patch 10.22.

Karthus will also be getting a nerf since he’s been incredibly overpowered in high elo as both a jungler and a midlaner. Thanks to his low mana cost and his AoE Q he can soak up the farm to scale into a late-game teamfight monster. In the jungle Karthus can clear the camps easily and gain experience through that which let’s him scale into the late game. His global ultimate also makes him extremely dangerous.

And Samira will also be seeing another change since she is still a bit too strong in Riot’s eyes. They’re trying to adjust her damage output which even after her hotfix and a nerf on the last patch is still insane.

These are the changes for the upcoming patch, though no numbers are out yet. Once we have all the information we will let you know right away and write an updated article so you can prepare for the final patch of season 10 and get a few more mastery points before a whole new item system gets introduced in the preseason.

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