LoL Patch 10.22: Seraphine Takes the Stage on Summoner’s Rift!

Seraphine Indy
Seraphine has stepped onto the Rift (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s patch time! LoL Patch 10.22 has come out and everyone is either cheering or booing Seraphine as she sets foot onto Summoner’s Rift. She has gone live with the new update and is now floating over the Rift on her bulky looking platform.

Along with Seraphine and her ultimate K/DA Skin, League of Legends fans will be able to attain all other members of K/DA and their new looks for their comeback. The main single is set to debut on October 28 on YouTube.

Skins aren’t the only thing that we will be receiving with this last patch before heading into a world of change with the pre-season. Of course, champions are receiving buffs, nerfs as well as a few balance changes.

Dragon Trainer Lulu
Top Lulu you will be missed (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Samira, Lulu, Karthus... Power Picks No More.

Samira… a champion whom we’ve mentioned since her release along with the word nerf. Her base attack damage has been lowered from 59 to 57. This will make her less powerful in the early game, keep her from winning lane so easily and pushing other marksmen under their tower. She is also going to be a bit squishier with a reduction to her base armor which has gone down to 26 from 28.

She isn’t the only one getting a nerf though. Top Lulu has been running rampant in Solo Queue, especially after top-tier players like Damwon Gaming’s Nuguri pulled it out during the 2020 World Championship. Her Q is going to have some of its harass damage reduced from 80-260 to 80-220. This will make her less aggressive and will probably keep people from playing her in the toplane… for now.

Karthus is one of the strongest junglers, especially since his clear speed is insane and he can add a lot of support and damage in any teamfight. His ultimate just dishes out insane amounts of damage to everyone on the enemy team… but it wasn’t his ultimate which was nerfed, but rather his Q. The base damage is down from 50-130 to 34-125. This will make his clear a lot weaker and slower since his Q is what is used to kill jungle monsters so quickly.

Coven Leblanc
LeBlanc is back! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Will LeBlanc Be a Decent Midlaner Once More?

It has been a long time since we’ve seen Leblanc in her glory days. She just isn’t the same burst mage she once was, when she’d made highlight-reel plays by the hands of players like Faker or Bjergsen. Well, now Riot is giving her a little boost to try and compete with other mages by improving the damage output of her E. The base damage, as well as the delayed damage, are getting buffed while the mana cost is also reduced, which is going to feel great in case you ever miss the chains in the early game. Don’t need to head back to the fountain right off the bat to get that lost mana back!

Sejuani is also getting a bit of a buff. Jankos must be happy, but is he truly satisfied with it? Her ultimate base damage has been buffed from 100/125/150 to 125/150/175 and her maximum damage will now dish out 200/300/400 instead of 150/250/350. But her ultimate wasn’t the only problem with her kit. Let’s see where Riot will take her in the upcoming season and how she will work along with the item changes.

Along with the buffs and nerfs are also a few balance changes to some champions. For example, Jinx’ E now deals damage upfront rather than overtime. The bomb explosion will burn opponents right after being hit instead of taking 1.5 seconds for players to feel the full effect. Ashe is also getting a bit of a change to her W which will now fire more arrows with every rank of the ability. So instead of always firing 9 arrows, one will now start with 7 and be able to end on 11 arrows. This is going to make her early game a bit more difficult but will pay off in the late game once she has 11 arrows to shoot.

For all balance changes make sure to check out the official patch notes on the League of Legends website.

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