LoL: Patch 11.1 Preview Adds 6 Champions to List

Blood moon sivir
Sivir is on the list as well. Will she get buffed or nerfed? (Credit: Riot Games)

Tomorrow is the day: Patch 11.1 will be released on January 6. Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter stated that, along with the previously mentioned changes coming to the new patch, an additional 6 champions will be getting buffed and nerfed.

Champion Nerfs

Malphite has just been a thorn in everyone's side in the top lane, due to the strength of the tank items in the current meta. Due to the synergy of Malphite with the items, he will be receiving some nerfs to his E and W, both getting their damage armor ratio lowered.

Taliyah has been quite the dark horse, coming out of nowhere, but now dominating Summoner’s Rift. Her ultimate lets her move across the map, and she is a decent pick in the jungle or in mid lane. Due to her mobility, Taliyah will be getting a movement speed nerf.

Ivern has slowly become the king of the jungle, which has earned him a spot on the nerf list as well. He synergizes well with support items, which makes him a great support jungler. Due to the amount of Ability Haste he built, he could easily spam his spells, which earned him a cooldown increase to his Q and a slight Shield AP ratio decrease to his E.

Graves has just been a bit too strong, so his base AD is getting a slight nerf, nothing too big to worry about: The base AD is being lowered from 68 to 66.

Cosmic Hunter Varus
Varus is in need of some buffs and is getting them! (Credit: Riot Games)

Champion Buffs

Of the 6 champions, only two are getting buffed. The one champion in need of it the most is probably Varus, who has just had an abysmal play-rate and win-rate. His main damage ability is his Q and it’s getting its mana cost lowered and the cooldown in the early phases will be lowered from 18 seconds to 16 seconds to help provide that extra DPS.

Sivir is the final champion on the list. She will be getting some buffs as well. More base mana? Yes please! That way she can cast her spells more often and deal more damage. Her Q damage is also getting buffed at all stages, to make her feel like a strong contender on the rift again.

Nothing else has changed since the last patch 11.1 preview, but when asked about the newest champion – Rell, Mark Yetter stated that they will wait another bit before buffing her, since they don’t want to overtune her too early.

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