LoL Patch 11.12 All Buffs and Nerfs

LoL Patch 11.12 Buffs and Nerfs
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LoL Patch 11.12 is set to come out next week and with it, we’re getting substantial changes, especially in the top lane, with many champions being nerfed and buffed. Of course, outliers in the bot lane are also being looked at and nerfed to try and diversify the meta.

What people are most expecting though, is the Dr. Mundo rework, which is set to go live with LoL Patch 11.12. The Madman of Zaun is going to go wherever he pleases, doing whatever he wants with the rework.

Which Champions are Nerfed in LoL Patch 11.12?

A total of eight champions will be getting nerfed in the upcoming patch. Many of which are part of the top lane, with Wukong, Gnar, Renekton and Nasus getting nerfed. Kai'Sa and Varus are also on the hit list since they’ve been stand-out ADCs recently.

  • Wukong - Wukong is going to scale a little worse, with his AD per level decreased and the Q bonus AD ratio also being lowered from 50% to 45%.
  • Kai’Sa - Her Q cooldown is being increased. Will this affect her in any way? Not much, we believe.
  • Varus - Varus’ W bonus damage is being reduced. In LoL Patch 11.12, it’ll deal 9-21% of missing health rather than 10.8 - 25.2%
  • Nasus - Nasus is a simple champion. All you gotta do is play farm simulator for 90% of the game. Well, in the upcoming LoL Patch 11.12, he is going to have a less lifesteal, so he will have to be a bit more careful while farming.
  • Gnar - Gnar has been insane lately. We saw how impactful he could be during the Mid-Season Invitational and well, those insane plays have earned him an AD decrease in LoL Patch 11.12.
  • Renekton - The Q heal is being targeted in this patch, meaning Renekton is going to be squishier and will have to play it safer in the coming patches.
  • Talon - Talon’s W is being nerfed in this patch. He’s been one of the better assassin mid laners in recent times, so it’s time for him to get nerfed in LoL Patch 11.12.
  • Udyr - His ultimate cone damage is going to be nerfed a bit. After the LoL Patch 11.11 nerfs to some top tier junglers, Udyr has found his way back onto Summoner’s Rift, hence, why Riot slapped a nerf onto him.

So, we looked at the crème-de-la-crème of lol esports and asked ourselves; why are Koreans just so good at League of Legends?

Which Champions are Buffed in LoL Patch 11.12?

Eight champions are currently on the buff list for the upcoming LoL Patch 11.12 – and no we aren’t including the Mundo Rework just yet. It seems like Riot really doesn’t know what to do with Hecarim, first nerfing him to hell and back and now giving him buffs in every single patch.

Of course, he isn’t the only jungler on the buff list. Jarvan IV is also getting a buff, as well as Rammus. The bot lane is also being looked at with Draven and Aphelios. So many changes are in store for us this LoL Patch.

  • Rammus - Rammus is going to be a bit tankier thanks to the added bonus armor to his W. Not to mention the cooldown of his ultimate is also being decreased.
  • Hecarim - More armor for Hecarim! Oh, and his Q is going to deal a tiny bit more damage thanks to an increase in base AD.
  • Jarvan - Oh yes, just what the doctor ordered, a decrease to his W cooldown. Jarvan OP in LoL Patch 11.12. Calling it right now!
  • Aphelios - Why is it that whenever Aphelios gets buffed and nerfed, it seems like we have to write a whole essay on it..? Oh, because he just has way too many god damn weapons, that’s why. Well, the easiest thing is his magic resist increase. Two of his guns are also getting updates:
    • Severum Q: Number of attacks stays the same, but attack speed increases to 50%. The damage per attack is going from 10-30 (+21-30%AD) to 10-40 (+20-35%AD). Severum healing increased as well.
    • Crescendum Q: Damage per attack changed from 25-85 (+35-50%AD) to 31-100 (+40-60%AD). Mini chakram damage is going from 0.24 AD to 0.15 AD.
  • Draven - Draven is back on Summoner’s Rift, or at least we hope so. His Q bonus damage is getting a buff, so maybe?
  • Ziggs - Ziggs Q damage is also getting a buff, though we would have liked to see his AP ratio also get some love. Maybe in LoL Patch 11.13?
  • Malphite - Malphite is going to be even more annoying. The W on-hit damage has increased and scales with armor, so let’s build some bramble vests guys!
  • Illaoi - Illaoi is gaining ten whole mana per level! She joins Jarvan in the broken category!

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Dr. Mundo Rework in LoL Patch 11.12

Mundo Mundo skin rework Lol Patch 11.12
Mundo Mundo! (Credit: Riot Games)

Dr. Mundo is getting reworked in the coming patch. His kit is very similar to his original, with the cleaver throwing 1-vs-1 still taking place in the baron pit. He continues to go wherever he wants and can take towers with ease – now with a fancy new animation.

The biggest change – other than his look – is probably his W. It isn’t a constant AoE damage spell anymore, but now he electrocutes himself and eventually zaps himself and enemies around him.

So enjoy the old Mundo this week, because as of next week, we get a whole new Doctor on the rift.

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