LoL Patch 11.17 All Buffs and Nerfs [Updated]

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What is brewing on PBE for LoL Patch 11.17? | © Riot Games

Next week, LoL Patch 11.17 will be heading our way and quite a few changes are in store for players. Not only, will we be getting the usual champion buffs and nerfs, but a few system changes will also be made.

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Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.17

For now, it seems like Riot wants to nerf 6 champions who have been overperforming over the last few weeks. Irelia and Viego have been tearing up the pro scene lately, which is why we’re happy to see them on the nerf list.

  • Graves - Q mana costs increased from 60 to 80.
  • Irelia - Q heal decreased from 12 - 20% AD to 8 - 16%.
  • Kayn (Blue) - Passive bonus magic damage decreased from 12 - 44% to 8 - 30%.
  • Leona - W bonus armor and magic resist down from 20 - 45 to 15 - 40.
  • Viego - Some details regarding the Viego nerfs are already online. His auto-attack range should go from 225 to 200. His passive healing will be reduced and the E camo reveal radius will also be bigger, going from 400 to 450. But that isn’t all, the Q crit multiplier will be increased from 0.75 to 1 and his R slow will be decreased.
  • Zed - Q AD ratio changed from 1 to 1.1 and the ultimate cooldown increased.

According to Riot, the goal of the Viego nerfs is to drain power from his reset, encourage crit builds and reduce the versatility of his AA pattern by hitting AA range and camo radius. So let’s see how that will turn out in LoL Patch 11.17.

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Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 11.17

Seven champions have been chosen by Riot to receive Buffs in the upcoming Patch 11.17. Xayah is one we’ve seen on the buff list quite often recently, so maybe this time it won’t just be a minor attack speed buff, so she can finally compete with the top ADC’s of the meta again.

  • Ekko - Passive damage against monsters increased from 150% to 200%.
  • Evelynn - Ultimate cooldown decreased from 140 - 80 to 120 - 80.
  • Lissandra - AD increased from 53 to 55 and Q mana cost decreased from 60 - 80 to 55 - 75.
  • Nami - Base HP buffed and W mana cost decreased.
  • Senna - Attack speed ratio increased from 0.3 to 0.35. Her passive soul rate drop on minion kills will also increase 8.333%.
  • Teemo - E damage on hit increase from 11 - 55 to 14 - 58.
  • Xayah - Q cast time will scale with attack speed and ultimate damage is increased as well.

Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 11.17

A couple of champions are getting adjusted as well. Akshan will receive some bug fixes, while three other champions will get adjusted as well to fit into the current state of League of Legends. We’ve read about the Lucian and Amumu adjustments, but who is the fourth?

  • Akshan - Akshan will be getting quite a few bugfixes in LoL Patch 11.17.
    • Passive: The second attack will more consistently complete on targets when the first attack was executed at max range and improvements on whether the first attack will kill targets.
    • W - Going Rogue: Akshan can no longer claim scoundrels even when he is dead.
    • E - Heroic Swing: Damage has been changed to 30 - 1110 + 17.5% Bonus AD and the ability will no longer end early on towers.
    • R - Comeuppance: Minions will be consistently executed regardless of armor bonuses.
  • Amumu - Health per level is decreased from 80 to 75 and Armor per level is also decreased. He will have 2 charges in his Q, and the damage of his W has also been increased. The stun duration of his ultimate will stay at 1.5 seconds instead of 1/1.5/2 seconds.
  • Lucian - His base AD is decreased, but ally buffs will empower his next two attacks. He will also have a max of 4 auto stacks instead of just two. His ultimate will 15/30/45 (+25%AD). Instead of 22/28/34 shots, he will always fire 22 shots (+25% critical strike chance).
  • Gangplank - His move speed will scale by level, going from 15 - 30%. His Q is going to count as a ranged basic attack. To make up for that, power has been put into his E, which now benefits from critical strike at 125%. He will also be able to put up more barrels (3/3/4/4/5) instead of 3 at all ranks.

For more on the Amumu and Lucian changes, be sure to check out our other article about LoL Patch 11.17, where we've gone into detail about the changes.

System Buffs and Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.17

Items and runes are being adjusted this patch as well. Some overperformers like Wit’s End will get nerfed – goodbye Wit’s End Ashe build – while other items such as Hullbreaker will be getting a buff.

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System Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.17

Three items are on the nerf list for LoL Patch 11.17:

  • Serpent’s Fang - Lethality is being brought down to 12.
  • Divine Sunderer - AD is being lowered to 35.
  • Wit’s End - On-hit magic damage will not scale linearly anymore, but rather by 15 from Level 1 - 8 and 25 - 80 from level 9-18.

System Buffs in LoL Patch 11.17

Three buffs will be made in LoL Patch 11.17. One of which will be the Fleet Footwork buff which was already supposed to go live in 11.16 but was pushed back.

  • Fleet Footwork - Healing will be 10 - 100 +40% Bonus AD + 30% AP.
  • Hullbreaker - HP increased from 300 to 400.
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade - Instead of Dirk + Pickaxe, the build path will now be Caulfields + Dirk. The item will be cheaper and give 15 ability haste. Damage will be down from 60 AD to 55.

These are all the changes coming to League in LoL Patch 11.17. Be sure to check back once we have more info, we will update this article!

When Will LoL Patch 11.17 Be Released?

LoL Patch 11.17 will go live on August 25, meaning next Wednesday. This is also the patch in which we will get Crime City Nightmare & Phoenix skins. Are you excited about them? Then you're probably a Seraphine main who has at least one waifu pillow in his room.

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