LoL Patch 11.5 Preview: Bee Skins & Udyr Nerf

LoL Patch 11.5 will once again shake up the League of Legends meta. A total of eight champions will be nerfed, seven buffed and items changed. In keeping with the start of spring, Riot is also bringing more bee skins. Look forward to Beezahar, Yuubee and Bee'Maw. Here is our LoL Patch 11.5 Preview.

Guys, by now you know what's up. LoL Patch 11.5 is coming and we're here to tell you everything there is to know about it. As soon as there's something new, we'll update the article. Shoutout to Mark Yetter for simply providing free content:

LoL Patch 11.5 Release Date

Patch 11.5 will come on March 3. We don't know the exact time, but the update will probably come between 3 and 5 am.

LoL Patch 11.5: Champion Nerfs

Lo L Udyr
Udyr is a pick/ban champion in Pro-Play, but for how much longer? (Credit: Riot Games)

On Riot's kill list in this patch:

  • Seraphine (as carry) - Seraphine's Passive no longer deals 95% bonus damage. Instead, ally notes now deal 25% more damage. Additionally, her R now has more cooldown at level one and two.
  • Udyr - Udyr is just too fast at clearing camps. If Riot really wants to nerf him, then his E-Spell needs to be adjusted.
  • Rammus - Rammus is too strong for how blunt he is. His strongest matchups aren't particularly strong at the moment, so Riot needs to act. Admittedly, you need a pro-gamer mouse to play such a mechanically demanding champion.

  • Shaco Support - There is nothing funny about Shaco Support. We assume that either the base damage from his E or the damage from his boxes will be nerfed. Hopefully the clown will stop laughing then.
  • Rell - Being a melee support just sucks right now. Either you have a hook or you're out. More ironically, Rell holds back the tanky supports heavily as well.
  • Azir - Especially in higher Elo ranges, Azir completely escalates. In patch 11.2 his Q-Cooldown was reduced by one second which is not the only reason why Shurimas Ruler is so strong.
  • Senna (Rage Blade Interaction) - Senna had an unwanted interaction with Rage Blade. This item converts Crit. Chance to on-hit damage. Since Senna can have more than 100% Crit. Chance, she was able to get more out of the item than other champs. Now the bonus is capped at 100% crit. Chance capped.
  • Gragas - No idea why Gragas is on the nerf list, his win rates are actually below 50%, but maybe Gragas toplane is unwanted?

LoL Patch 11.5: Champion Buffs

Trundle lol
The Troll King Returns! (Credit: Riot Games)

The midlane is left out of the buffs for the time being. Otherwise there are buffs on every role:

  • Pyke - Pyke Support is just too squishy right now to be able to fight all the ranged supports. Maybe he gets the Jinx treatment and gets more base HP.
  • Karma - The Moonstone Renewer nerf really hurt Karma. She's currently in a spot where she's too squishy to play against Thresh and Rell, but at the same time getting beat up by Enchanter supports. We hope to see improvements in her W.
  • Trundle - After patch 11.4, tank junglers are much better than before. Riot wants to counteract this by buffing the tank buster bad. More clear speed couldn't hurt the Troll King.
  • Master Yi - Oh no, please don't buff the slasher....
  • Sejuani - Sejuani also lacks a bit of clear speed. Q or W buffs would be appreciated.
  • Jax - The toplane meta has been pretty stuck for a while. Actually, Jax doesn't need much to be up there, but especially since Fiora is the undisputed late-game champion, we're excited to see how Riot adjusts Jax.
  • Kog'Maw - To match the new Kog'Maw skin, he gets a buff. Kog'Maw is so weak that really any help is welcome. Basically, Riot can do no wrong here.

LoL Patch 11.5: Champion Adjustments

Twitch 0
Less AP, more AD, as befits an ADC... (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Twitch - The rat now has less AP scaling on the passive, but gets more AD from its ultimate, which also lasts a second longer. You couldn't really use the AP scaling anyway. Hats off to Riot, good change!

LoL Patch 11.5: Item Buffs

  • Black Cleaver - Black Cleaver has been realigned a little bit. You no longer do bonus damage on enemies with full carve stacks. Instead, you get 5 MS for two seconds PER carve stack. This makes it much easier for Bruisers to stay on their victims. But that's not all: Black Cleaver now gives 100 more life and costs 200 less gold.
  • Maw of Malmortius - To make the item a real option Riot has made it 300 gold cheaper.
  • Serpent's Fang - The item is now much better. Instead of doing bonus damage against targets with shields, you reduce the shield size as Melee by 50% as Ranged by 25%. Additionally, shields that come after are reduced by the same value.

LoL Patch 11.5: Item Adjustments

  • Stridebreaker - The passive now does less damage and the slow has been reduced. In return you get a Dash that goes 100 units (one Teemo) further. Trading utility for damage could make the item more attractive.
  • Tomorrow Mark Yetter will publish the full details of the changes. Then we will update this article for you. See you tomorrow.

LoL Patch 11.5: Bee Skins

In addition to Beekeeper-Singed and Beemo we now get three more bee skins: Beezahar, Yuubee and Bee'Maw. We particularly like the Malzahar skin. His voidlings as angry bees are just sooo cute:

Bee'Maw doesn't need to hide like that either. It will definitely be the cutest Kog'Maw skin. All skins will be available for 1350 RP in the in-game shop.

Yuubee isn't exactly our taste, but to each his own.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Lechner.