LoL: Is Isolde Going to Be Released in Patch 11.6?

Battle Academia Garen
These new Battle Academia skins look amazing! (Credit: Riot Games)

Patch 11.5 just came out, and with it, jungle champions were once again targeted, while some of the more obvious power house picks were also dialed back. Some of these changes, especially the Seraphine one, were much needed, but what else could we be seeing in the upcoming Patch 11.6 in two weeks?

What Champions Do We Think Need Changes in Patch 11.6?

Mecha Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol just needs a rework, but maybe we can get a few buffs here and there beforehand? (Credit: Riot Games)

A champion who we really want to see get a buff is Aurelion Sol. The mystical dragon is good when his team is ahead, but he cannot seem to get any advantages on his own. His kit is awkward and makes players feel more like an overgrown cannon minion than anything else. Maybe changing his E from a roaming ability to something with a bit more engage would help him out?

Another champion who might see another buff as well is Samira. Her win rate has dropped to the bottom of the ADC pool and the slight buff she got with Patch 11.5 probably won’t be enough. If she is really going to get another buff though after her barrages of nerfs though... we will have to wait to find out.

What Else is Coming in Patch 11.6?

Battle Academia Caitlyn
Caitlyn will be getting a Battle Academia Skin, but who else? (Credit: Riot Games)

As we mentioned in another article, Riot has shown some epic splash art in regards to the new Battle Academia Skins which are set to come out in Patch 11.6. These skins will include Garen, who, thanks to the Black Cleaver buff in 11.5, has become god tier once more, as well as some other champions like Cailtyn and Leona.

There have also been rumors that Isolde, the Queen of the Ruined King, might also be getting a Battle Academia skin. This was brought up by a Brazilian streamer a few weeks back, where she’d revealed the leaks of the Battle Academia skins. In one of her tweets, she speculated that Isolde might also be getting one.

This isn’t confirmed yet though, but many of her leaks have come to fruition. So will we be seeing the next new champion with the upcoming patch?

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