LoL Patch 11.6: Battle Academia Skins and Akali Buffs

Patch 11.6 is out and with it Xin Zhao got a mini rework, systematic healing was nerfed, and we got some amazing looking new skins to spend all of our money on. We will go over the highlights and most important aspects the new LoL Patch has to offer.

LoL Patch 11.6: Akali and Xin Zhao Buffs

Akali has been able to kite and skirmish throughout all phases of a game, but with the new changes coming in this patch she won’t be able to go in as hard in the early game, due to the reduction of her early tankiness. Instead, she will be a scaling late-game monsterwith an increase in health growth.

Xin Zhao also got quite a few changes that will let players either play him as an AD Brawler or have fun with some off-meta AP Builds for him as well. The Brawler build is going to be the more prominent one thanks to the added range on his W as well as the fact that he will also challenge opponents.

Xin has been in dire need of an update and hopefully the changes in patch 11.6 make him a desirable choice once more in the jungle.

Xin Zhao Patch 11.6
Xin Zhao might actually be played once again! (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.6: Healing Items

Some items just gave way to way too much healing, and it felt like some champions just couldn’t die due to the amounts of omnivap and life steal they had. That's why Riot has targeted a few items to try and balance everything out.

The life steal on Immortal Shieldbowhas been cut from 12% to 10% and Lifeline won’t be giving players an added 15% life steal for 8 seconds, but rather 13 - 55 AD when triggered.

Blade of the Ruined Kingwas also hit with a change: The life steal was also targeted and lowered from 12% to 10% while the siphon damage was increased in later stages of the game to counterbalance these changes.

Yone Patch 11.6
Yone is going to be joining Garen and Wukong at school! (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.6: Skins

This patch we will also be getting new skins as per usual. The theme this time around? Battle Academia. Garen will be joining his sister in this alternate universe, along with Caitlyn, Wukong, Yone and Leona – who even gets her own prestige skin. Quite fitting for one of the most consistent support champions in the game.

Looking for more information on the patch with every single update? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with an in-depth guide to LoL Patch 11.6!

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