LoL Patch 11.7: Yorick and Morde Mains Rejoice! [UPDATE]

Yorick LoL Patch 11.7
Yorick is getting a buff! Yorick is getting a buff! (Credit: Riot Games)

Yorick mains rejoice! The Shepherd of Souls finally has his name standing under the word ‘Buff’. Riot has heard your pleas for a change and it’s finally coming true in LoL Patch 11.7. Now we’re just going to pray for an Aurelion Sol Buff as well sometime soon.

In Patch 11.7 Turbo Chemtank is getting an adjustment, some of its speed being taken away from the item. Turbo Chemtank Skarner was just a little bit too oppressive in recent times, meaning that the speed has to be reduced for next week. RIP Skarner it’s been fun while it lasted, but what other changes are heading our way?

Which Champions Are Getting Buffed in Patch 11.7?

Mordekaiser LoL Patch 11.7
Mordekaiser will also be getting a buff in the coming Patch (Credit: Riot Games)

In LoL Patch 11.7 a total of 9 Champions will be getting Buffs. We have the list right here for you:

  • Kindred: DRX’s Pyosik is probably excited to see his namesake champion, Kindred, getting a buff in the coming Patch. The Q base AD is getting increased from 65% to 75% and the E cooldown will be lowered.
  • Yasuo: Everyone’s least favorite Samurai – come on, Yone is just cooler and better – will also be getting a buff with a slight AD increase per level.
  • Varus: He has been on the end of quite a few buffs and is going to be getting another one! Will the added AD per level bring him out of the dumpster in the bot lane?
  • Braum: Braum hasn’t been feeling great to play lately. Hopefully, with the E cooldown reduction as well as the R knock-up increase he will be a viable pick again.

  • Yorick: Oh man, how long have we waited for this buff? His Mist Walkers will now draw tower aggro and champions marked with his E will continuously awaken graves. Not only that, but Mist Walkers also deal damage when they leap. Yorick's ultimate will also be getting a slight buff with towers prioritizing the maiden last. Let's get online and try out some of these changes!
  • Mordekaiser: Another champion in dire need of some help. Mordekaiser just hasn’t been living up to his monstrous name. Hopefully, the increase to the isolation damage of his Q will make him a viable pick again... or at least a contender.
  • Lissandra: Mages aren’t feeling great in the current meta and Lissandra has been one of the ones who got the short end of the stick. Her Q is getting a simple damage increase going from 70 - 190 to 80 - 200.
  • Ashe: Ashe's W damage is being increased from 20 - 80 to 30 - 90. Will this make her a decent pick against unstoppable scaling champions like Senna or Jhin?
  • Amumu: After being giga broken at the beginning of the season, Amumu was ultra-nerfed and is now getting a buff once more. His Q mana cost is being reduced and E cooldown as well. Let's see where Amumu ranks in Patch 11.7.

Which Champions Are Getting Nerfed in Patch 11.7?

Kai'Sa Patch 11.7
Kai'Sa has been tearing up the Rift and Riot isn't liking it one bit (Credit: Riot Games)

The number of champions getting nerfed this patch is almost equal to the buffs with a total of 8 champion nerfs coming in LoL Patch 11.7.

  • Udyr: Udyr running straight at you, slapping you silly is just too powerful so… NERF! Riot thought he was in need of a simple base AD change going from 66 to 64.
  • Hecarim: Hecarim is getting nerfed once more… but it seems that no matter what Riot does he just stays a viable pick. Will others be able to catch up to him after his E maximum move speed is lowered to 65% from 75%.
  • Ivern: Ivern is getting a simple damage debuff. His E damage is being lowered in the upcoming patch.
  • Rell: Rell just has been outperforming other supports in certain elos and she is getting a few adjustments to make it a bit fairer in the bot lane, which is why the stun on her E is being shortened.

  • Thresh: The king of support in the current meta and now… it’s time for him to get a nerf. His late-game will be impacted with the nerf which will impact his shield in the later stages of the game.
  • Alistar: Another Support… what is happening Riot?! His Q damage is being lowered and the E damage on attack as well. RIP Alistar.
  • Kai’Sa: Kai’Sa and her unique play style have been too strong in the bot lane lately, so she is getting a cooldown increase to her ultimate.
  • Tristana: The queen of taking towers. Her all-in prowess is just too good and is making her one of the most contested picks in the current meta. To keep her in check, Riot has decided to take some of her base AD.

Which Items Are Getting Changed in Patch 11.7?

Item Buffs in Patch 11.7

  • Trinity Force: Bruisers are going to be especially happy about this buff. It will make them even more viable in the coming patch. So be prepared for more Sett, Darius and Garen. Especially since the item will be giving more AD, but take some of the attack speed it held. The item passive now also stack on towers and instead of gaining 10% attack speed, players get AD, movement speed and ability haste.
  • Serylda’s Grudge: This one's simple: It's cheaper! Let's go shopping!

Item Nerfs in Patch 11.7

  • Everfrost: Everfrost has just been too powerful over the last few patches and is therefore in need of a nerf. Riot is still trying to figure out the perfect balance it seems and they're going to try it out with a change of the active damage going from 125 (+35% AP) to 100 (+30% AP) as well as a cooldown increase.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards: After a buff in Patch 11.3 it’s time for a nerf. And well the item will be giving less AD in Patch 11.7.
  • Essence Reaver: The good? It's a bit cheaper? But at what cost did we get the price drop? 10 whole AD.

So there you have it. Patch 11.7 is set to come out next week.

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