LoL Patch 11.8 Preview [UPDATE]

Spirit Blossom Thresh HD
Thresh is getting a nerf once more in the upcoming Patch (Credit: Riot Games)

In next week’s LoL Patch update for Patch 11.8 we will be getting much more than just a new champion. There are also a few item updates ahead as well as champion adjustments, buffs and nerfs. So, everyone, you know the drill, we’ve got all the details for you right here.

Which Items Are Being Updated in LoL Patch 11.8? [UPDATE]

Item Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.8

Titanic Hydra - Titanic Hydra alongside Urgot has been rather deadly over the last few weeks, so maybe this is an indirect nerf to the Dreadnought with the 1% HP from Colossus now being changed to 2% Bonus HP.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
- The boots are just getting a small change to their cost, becoming a tad more expensive.

Item Buffs in LoL Patch 11.8

Frozen Heart - One top lane item is being nerfed, another is getting buffed. Frozen Heart lost some of its armor in LoL Patch 11.4 but was made cheaper. Now it gets to keep its cost, but an extra 10 armor has been added.

Item Adjustments in LoL Patch 11.8

This patch is looking to broaden the spectrum of some Enchanter items. This means that some of our favorite items from a few patches ago are getting some adjustments to their kit. What these adjustments entail have yet to be seen, but these are the items on the list:

  • Moonstone Renewer - The starlit heal will be a base 60 and not scale per level anymore. Also, every second in combat will increase shield and heal power.
  • Shurelia’s Battlesong - No longer empowers the next 3 damaging instances, instead empowering and protecting allies will increase their movement speed.
  • Staff of Flowing Water - This item will increase ability haste and ability power for 4 seconds instead of movement speed and ability power.
  • Hextech Rocketbelt - HP gained from the item is decreased to 250 from 350, and it will have flat out 6 magic penetration.
  • Chemtech Putrifier - Heals and shields on an ally will enhance your ally and yourself.
Coven Leblanc
LeBlanc has been getting buffed over and over and she doesn't seem to get better (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Champions are Being Updated in LoL Patch 11.8? [UPDATE]

Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 11.8

  • LeBlanc - Another buff for LeBlanc. She has been getting buff after buff. This time around Riot has decided to take her Q under the microscope, giving her some added damage.
  • Aphelios - Aphelios is getting a buff to his passive, adding more lethality into his kit and his ultimate is also being buffed, with each gun getting a little bit more 'oomph' added.
  • Lee Sin - Lee Sin is getting a simple buff to his E with a decreased cooldown.
  • Zac - His W is being buffed. Previously it was 25/40/55/70/85 (+2/100% AP) Max HP but after the buff next week Zac's W is going to be doing much more damage with 35/50/65/80/95 (+4/100% AP) Max HP.
  • Cassiopeia - Instead of having flat out 50 mana cost for her E, Cassio will now have it scaled depending on the level of the ability. This means in the later stages, she is going to be a lot more dangerous.
  • Vladimir - Even though Vlad is sitting at a decent win rate, the champion is getting some love from Riot in this patch with a cooldown reduction to his Q ability.
Gnar Dino
Gnar is getting a Nerf in LoL Patch 11.8 (Credit: Riot Games)

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 11.8

  • Annie - Annie is going to be on the receiving end of a nerf with a mana cost increase to her W.
  • Thresh - the LoL Patch 11.7 nerf to his shield really wasn’t it, which is why in this patch his Flay is going to have a higher cooldown.
  • Gnar - Gnar has some of the best attack speeds in the top lane, not to mention his ability to hop in-and-out of danger when needed. Hence, why his movement speed on his W is being cut in LoL Patch 11.8.
  • Orianna - Orianna is a little bit too safe, which is why her E bonus resistance is being cut in the upcoming patch.
  • Yorick - So after his buff in the last patch he is getting adjusted right away to keep things balanced. The Mist Walker damage has been decreased from 200% to 100% damage in the first attack, but marked units take 40% increased damage. The tower will focus on the maiden, instead of Yorick, as well as offending Mist Walkers. The tower priority has also been changed to always prioritize the maiden even over minions.

Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 11.8

In the upcoming LoL Patch 11.8, there will be a few adjustments to champions as well to make them viable in the jungle position. This will open up the jungle pool for many players and can make the position even more interesting. We all know ‘jungle diff’ is the reason for any win or loss.

So which champions are being adjusted? Here is the list:

  • Zed - The monster damage cap is now 300 on all levels but only applies on epic monsters.
  • Darius - His passive monster damage is going to be increased from 175% to 300%.
  • Mordekaiser - His passive damage caps at 180 against monsters on all levels. Another passive was also added to his kit which will grant stacks when using basic abilities and attacks. These will refresh when damaging monsters.
  • Morgana - Morgana is getting her damage bonus against Monsters increased in LoL Patch 11.8.
  • Diana - Her passive will gain 300% attack speed and amplify damage 20-40% depending on her level.

That isn’t all though. A few more champions will be pushed into their original roles as well with a few updates. Mundo is going to leave the jungle position and make it into the top lane once more, while Rumble – who has been quite a popular mid lane champion – will also be making his way to the top lane alongside Mundo.

Rammus Changes in LoL Patch 11.8

The biggest change coming in this patch is the change to Rammus who is getting quite a few new features added, which is why he even got his own page from Mark Yetter in the Patch 11.8 tweet. So what exactly is happening to our favorite turtle jungler?

  • Powerball (Q) - Base damage per level is lowered from 100/135/170/205/240 to 100/130/160/190/220.
  • Defensive Ball Curl (W) - Basic attacks will extend the duration of defensive ball curl by 0.4 seconds with a max of 4 seconds total.
  • Puncturing Taunt (E) - Taunt duration has been cut from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25 to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0.
  • Soaring Slam (R) - Rammus leaps into the air, slamming back down dealing 100/175/200 (+0.6 AP) Magic Damage. The ability also slows opponents and creates aftershocks, dealing damage after the initial hit as well.
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When is the LoL Patch 11.8 Release Date?

The LoL Patch 11.8 will release on April 14th. If you're reading this article on the day it's released, then that's next week already! Better get ready for some Nerfs, Buffs, Champs, and some nice skins!

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