LoL Patch 11.9: MSI, Hecarim Nerfs, New Skins & More

Two weeks passed by in a breeze, and we have a whole new LoL Patch which came out today. Patch 11.9 hits servers and with it, we’re getting some champion and item changes to shuffle around the pro scene and MSI, as well as some epic LoL skins – as per usual.

We’ve done a full breakdown of LoL Patch 11.9 before, so make sure to check that out. Here, we’ve summarized the most important key points for this update and what you need to watch out for going forward.

Which Champions are Being Changed in LoL Patch 11.9?

The biggest champion change coming in LoL Patch 11.9 is definitely to Hecarim. The horse is being nerfed once more to try and reel him in. With nerfs to his Q, W and E, Riot is trying to make him a little less oppressive in the early game. Also, building full tank Hecarim and still one-shotting everyone in sight might not be as viable anymore after these changes.

Multiple champions who got buffs and adjustments in LoL Patch 11.8 are now getting nerfed in LoL Patch 11.9 since they have been a little too strong. Diana's passive, Morgana’s W and Mundo’s base stats are all taking a hit in the new LoL Patch.

Which Items are Being Adjusted in LoL Patch 11.9?

Turbo Chemtank got nerfed this patch, which means a change in tank meta is coming our way. Instead, some underperforming fighter items got buffed in LoL Patch 11.9. Death’s Dance and Wit’s End got some much-needed love from developers.

Tank and fighter items aren’t the only ones getting looked at in this patch, but also Moonstone Renewer and Prowler’s Claw are getting some adjustments in LoL Patch 11.9.

Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins LoL Patch 11.9
These are the skins available in LoL Patch 11.9 (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Skins are being released in LoL Patch 11.9?

In LoL Patch 11.9 we are getting the Damwon World Championship skins as well as Conqueror Jax. A total of 6 skins are being released with the patch and the Jax Conqueror skin will also be available as a prestige skin, for those of you who need to get rid of some prestige points... if there are any of you like that.

This patch heavily focused on the pro-scene to try and make MSI the most enjoyable event out there. Riot wants a variety of Champions on stage and with this in mind, they made these champion adjustments for LoL Patch 11.9 – the MSI Patch. So who do you think we will be seeing the most of this coming Mid-Season Invitational?

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