LoL Patch 11.9 Preview

Conqueror Jax LoL Patch 11.9
Conqueror Jax looking good... but not as good as Hockey Jax (Credit: Riot Games)

LoL Patch 11.8 Notes just came out and with it, we got a few changes to the support position thanks to some item updates. Rammus also got a whole new smashing ultimate which will reward him going over the rift fast.

What is being tested on PBE right now and what is heading our way in LoL Patch 11.9? We know that this is going to be the patch that the Mid-Season Invitational is going to be played on, so we predict only a few small adjustments, as to not mess with the meta at the moment.

MSI Emotes coming in LoL Patch 11.9

Since this will be the MSI Patch, it will make sense to add in the Mid-Season Invitational team icons and emotes. So get ready to splurge a little to show off the colors of your region. Some icons aren’t set in stone yet though, since not all regions have concluded their season.

When are the LPL Finals in 2021?

The LPL Finals are set to take place on Sunday, April 18th at 11:00 CEST. The final is going to be between the 2019 World Champions FPX and the most famous Chinese team RNG. Other regions which still need to be decided are the CBLOL, LCL, PCS and VCS.

Skins coming in LoL Patch 11.9

Damwon Gaming Worlds Skins
The DAMWON Gaming Skins look incredible (Credit: Riot Games)

As we’ve mentioned before there are some epic skins headed our way, with the Greek mythology themed World Championship skins. They were chosen by the 5 DAMWON Gaming players who won the 2020 World Championship last year.

There is also a new Conqueror Jax skin, which is being tested on PBE at the moment. The skin is set to be a Legacy skin and will also be available with a prestige edition.

What else is coming in Patch 11.9?

For those of you who enjoy TFT, be ready, since there is going to be a new set heading our way. The new set is going to be called TFT: Reckoning and will include champions like Teemo who, when bought, will take some of your life in exchange for great power.

Lots of new things are coming to TFT in Patch 11.9 like new arenas, new little legends and a whole new way of playing TFT since there will be whole new traits and classes to relearn from scratch. So who else is ready to see Fates go and Chaos ensue?

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