LoL: Preview of Patch 11.1 Is Out

Gnar Dino
Gnar is also on the list for Buffs this coming year (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Players will have to make do with Patch 10.25 for another couple of weeks. This is the longest-lasting patch of the year, but Riot is already letting players know what they’ve got planned for the first patch of 2021.

Mark Yetter, Gameplay Design Director, let fans know which items and champions they’re looking to switch up in the coming year, as well as the burst damage changes coming.

Item Buffs

Archangel's Staff and Seraph’s Embrace are getting the same buff, a mere AP. They will have a bit more power in the coming year with the AP going from 60 to 65, though Archangel's Staff is also getting an adjustment to its build path.

Grievous Wounds items are getting a longer debuff timer, going from 2 second to 3. This is done so that opponents can heal up with their items once they’ve been burst down. Is this a good change though?

Shurelia’s Battlesong has its active movement speed buffed from 40% to 60%. This is done to enable your team and give them some extra engage power.

The Ability Haste on Ionian Boots of Lucidity is also getting upped with an increase from 15 to 20.

Champion Nerfs

Master Yi is being hit with a nerf. His Q cooldown is going from 18 - 14 seconds to 18 - 16 seconds. Will this have any effect on the strong jungler though? Probably not. He can reset his Q by auto-attacking minions, something he does at the speed of light in the later stages of the game.

Same as Master Yi, Fiddle is also getting a hit to the cooldown of one of his abilities… though not the one we’d thought. His W is being hit, which is his key jungling ability, but what has made Fiddlesticks such a strong champion was his ganking ability thanks to his ultimate.

The changes to Pantheon in Patch 10.25 have made him one of the best top and mid laner, which is why he is also on the nerf list. His self-healing is being lowered as well as the W empowered AD scaling. This probably won’t change too much, since he is still going to be a very strong roaming champion.

Champion Buffs

Ryze is in desperate need of a buff and what Riot will deliver doesn’t seem like it will impact his gameplay at all. The mana cost to his Q is being changed from flat out 40 at all ranks to 40 - 32. This isn’t enough to make him great once again though.

Qiyana is getting a buff to her HP, with both HP per level and HP regen getting upped in Patch 1.11. Her base AD is also getting an increase, but we aren’t sure if these changes are enough to make her a viable champion, especially with the rise of all-in champions like Fizz.

Xayah’s E is getting a buff with a cooldown decrease and the mana cost is also being lowered. These changes also won’t be affecting her too drastically since she is still going to be a sub-par ADC in comparison to other bot laners.

Xayah 0
What does Riot have to do to make Xayah a top tier ADC again? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Karma is having her shield power increased at later levels. This is going to increase her team's durability in later stages of the game, especially with healing items. She will start off as a lane bully enchanter who transitions into a shield bot in the late game.

Gnar is the champion getting the most changes to his kit. His mega-Gnar form Q is getting an increase to its damage as well as the slow, which is going from 15-35% to 30-50%. This is going to feel a lot better when playing Gnar. His Dash range on his Mega-Gnar E is also increased and the attack speed of his regular Gnar form after using Hop is also getting buffed. Overall, this is a good change and will make Gnar impactful once more.

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