LoL: Patch Schedule 2021

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Be prepared for any patch. | © Riot Games

Every two weeks, Riot Games releases a new patch for their flagship League of Legends. We have the exact dates for you!

The League of Legends Balance Team is always busy! New champs are being added to the game, new item builds are getting stronger, and the general playstyle of the players, including the meta, is constantly changing. Therefore, Riot Games must always keep the game at a playable level where no champion is too strong or too weak. A tough task, that they try to tackle with regular, 2-week patches.

In addition, Riot Games also adds new events with their skins and tasks to the game with these patches. So, it's always worth knowing when we can expect new content and changes, and that's exactly what we're doing! Here we go:

LoL Patch Schedule 2021



11.16Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021
11.17Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021
11.18Thursday, Sep 9, 2021
11.19Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021
11.20Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021
11.21Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021
11.22Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021
11.23Tuesday, Nov 17, 2021
11.24Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021

Now, you are prepared and can't be surprised by any League of Legends patch and nerf that comes with it. Do you already have a champ in mind that you want to climb with in LoL patch 11.16? You definitely have to try out Jhin and Sivir! Both ADC's get a damage buff and will really kick ass in the bot lane from now on! If you like to play Jungle, Jarvan is your champ for the next patch. The Demacian will have more life and better damage scaling.

You want to get better at League of Legends? This should help you!

In our guide series, we will also show you the best way to play the champions if they have just made it into the meta of the new patch. Want to try out Sett? Here you go! Are you overwhelmed with all of Sylas' abilities? This guide will show you how to play him.

The guides, the videos, the lore, it's all here! EarlyGame will help you become Challenger!