LoL: Pentakill Comeback & New Skins in September [UPDATE]

Pentakill comeback
Is it time? Is it finally time? | © Riot Games

True Damage and K/DA have graced our ears with their fantastic music, and now it’s time for Pentakill to make their comeback.

Can you believe that it’s been four years since Pentakill released music? 4 years since we got to hear our favorite LoL heavy rock band? It’s actually insane if you think about it. What did we get in the meantime? A stalker Seraphine that desperately wanted to be in K/DA… but hey, I still loved All Out, so there’s that.

But anyway, back to the point. Yesterday, Riot Games Music (yes, very important that it's music, because that essentially only gives you three options) tweeted this:

Obviously, this doesn’t fit K/DA. Maybe True Damage, but not when you know that Pentakill is around. This screams Pentakill.

But it’s not just the graphic and its design that make us believe Pentakill will soon return, it’s the hashtags. If you’re a fan of Pentakill, you’ll know that their first records were called I and II (Roman numbers. Please don't read that as i or L). The hashtags in this one are #III and #ReturnOfLegends. III makes sense in regard to the records, Return of Legends, as it’s been so long since Pentakill released new music. It all makes sense, doesn't it?

When Will Pentakill Return?

Pentakill will most likely return with new music in September, on September 8, to be exact. The teaser from Riot with the proof above speaks volumes. And if this doesn’t turn out to be true and K/DA has a change of heart and style and… everything else, I will literally eat a broom and film myself. So, don't do that to me, Riot.

Which Champions Are Part of Pentakill?

The original Pentakill is a six-member band, with Karthus being the main singer. His singing voice is Jørn Lande, a Norwegian hard rock and heavy metal singer. Five other champions are part of the Pentakill lineup:

  • Karthus - Singer
  • Mordekaiser - Guitar
  • Kayle - Singer
  • Sona - Keyboard
  • Olaf - Drums
  • Yorick - Bass Guitar

This time around one more champion will be joining the band with Viego also getting a sleek new look for this Pentakill album. He will be showing off his guitar prowess alongside the original Pentakill members on their new album.

Who is Getting Pentakill Skins?

The original six members of Pentakill will be getting updates to their skins, with some more color and a more modern feel to them. The splash arts have also been updated to separate the original six members.

  • Vex would have fit into this concept as well. Sadly we still have to wait for her release.

Viego will be front and center with this new album. In his all-white suit – showing off his chest obviously – he stands out in comparison to the others in the band. His greatsword will also double as a guitar for this comeback.

When Will the Pentakill Skins be Released?

The Pentakill skins are currently being tested on PBE which means they should be released with LoL Patch 11.18 – so we will get to see some Pentakill Viego at Worlds 2021!

The release date for LoL Patch 11.18 is Thursday, September 9th according to the official League of Legends patch schedule. Until then they'll be tested on PBE, a few changes still being made to the new Pentakill skins.

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