LoL Player Of The Month: RNG GALA

Player Of The Month RNG GALA
MSI MVP, most kills. What can stop GALA?

RNG GALA is our Player of the Month of May. MSI 2021 just came to an end in dramatic fashion with the LPL representative RNG beating out the 2020 World Champion DAMWON KIA to take home to MSI trophy. Now it's time to get look ahead and get ready for the 2021 Summer Split.

League of Legends has so much content to enjoy, but there are way too many stats to really keep track of everything. Why is GALA such an incredible ADC and how did he manage this monstrous performance which earned him MVP of MSI? How can he follow in Uzi's footsteps and impress? Well, we take it all apart in our LoL Player to the Month series!

With the win, the LPL scored themselves a fourth slot at the 2021 LoL World Championship in China, which means higher chances for EDG Viper to make it to Worlds to dominate. Let's hope that the Region can stay out of corruption drama.

Who is RNG GALA?

Chen "GALA" Wei is the current ADC for Royal Never Give up from the Chinese LPL. He began his career in March 2018 on the already disbanded Team OnlyGame. He played on various other teams until he finally landed the role of ADC at RNG, filling the shoes of none other than LPL legend Jian "Uzi" Zihao. As a young player, RNG GALA has cemented himself as one of the best ADCs. Thanks to his plays, RNG managed to take the LPL crown and now the MSI trophy as well.

Player Of The Month Stats:

MSI 2021 really got fans excited for League of Legends esports once more thanks to the LAN format. All of May, we were watching the international action. GALA alongside the rest of the RNG squad really gave us a show, so here are some stats:

  • Game Balance: 21W - 6L
  • Win Rate: 77,8%
  • KDA: 5,7
  • CS per Minute: 10
  • Kill Participation: 65,7%

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Most Played Champions by RNG GALA:

  • Kai'Sa (16 Games, 75% Winrate)
  • Varus (3 Games, 66% Winrate)
  • Xayah (2 Games, 50% Winrate)

RNG GALA MSI Performance

Royal Never Give up really impressed at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. The team secured their spot as the top team in the final in a nail-biter of a game against DAMWON KIA. Our Player of the Month RNG GALA really showed fans a pop-off performance. He really carried his team in the Bot lane.

Not only did RNG GALA gain himself our prestigious EarlyGame Player of the Month award thanks to his performance, but he was also named the MVP of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Oh, and he got the most kills in the whole tournament, but who is counting anyway?

Why The Player Of The Month Award For RNG GALA?

RNG GALA has proven with his performance at 2021 MSI that a new era has begun for RNG. When Uzi was forced to retire in Summer 2020 a hole seemed to open up and RNG couldn't even make the LPL 2020 Summer Split playoffs let alone Worlds. But now RNG has hope once more with a young talented ADC like GALA.

GALA really sticks out as a late game carry thanks to his aggressive playstyle. He has a 'killer instinct' like no other which sets him apart from others and has catapulted him to such fame. Of course, thanks to the aggression he is also one of the most fun players to watch, dancing on the line between near-death and insane outplay. So he's pretty much earned the EarlyGame Player of the Month award, don't you think so?

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Original Article written by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther.